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British lesbian MP Justine Greening hints at leadership bid

British lesbian MP Justine Greening hints at leadership bid

Justine Greening | Photo: Instagram/justinegreening

Justine Greening, an openly gay British Conservative party politician, has implied she wants to make a leadership bid.

The Member of Parliament for Putney added ‘Things need to change’ as she dropped the hint in a TV interview.

She said on ITV’s Good Morning Britain: ‘I am committed to doing whatever I can to make sure this country, for the first time, is a place where it doesn’t matter where you are growing up, you get the same opportunities.’

‘People need to have some hope for the future’

When asked about a leadership bid, she said: ‘Well, things need to change, don’t they, and people need to have some hope for the future that Britain can be a country that runs differently and more fairly.’

She furthermore added: ‘I might be prepared to [make a bid], but I’m more interested in the Conservative party actually showing what it can do for this country.’

Justine revealed her sexuality in 2016 to coincide with Pride. She was the Secretary of State for Education from 2016 until January this year. She was succeeded by Damien Hinds.

‘Talent is spread evenly’

When questioned on austerity policies failing, Justine said: ‘Yes, we have to spend a lot of time having to fix the nation’s finances. But what we now need to do is discover, maybe rediscover, our own mission. Which has got to be how we make sure that young people growing up everywhere in this country have the same access to opportunity.

‘Talent is spread evenly and the challenge with Britain is that opportunity isn’t and that’s what we have got to fix.’

Back in July, Justine revealed she would back a second referendum on Brexit.

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