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British people are more likely to want a gay monarch than a gay child

British people are more likely to want a gay monarch than a gay child

Olivia Coleman in The Favourite (Photo: Facebook)

The British monarch is often considered the epitome of conservatism and tradition.

But it turns out British people today are not to bothered if their king or queen was gay or bisexual.

British people more likely to feel more comfortable with a gay monarch compared to a gay child

A Sky Data poll said 63% of the public would be comfortable with a LGB monarch.

Less people, 60%, said they were happy to raise a gay or bisexual child. Over a quarter, 27%, said they were uncomfortable with the thought of a gay or bi child. 13% said they didn’t know.

The poll also asked British people if they’d be comfortable with a LGB prime minister or boss.

More than three quarters, 77%, were comfortable with a LGB boss.

68% said they’d be comfortable with a LGB prime minister.

The poll came after Olivia Colman won the Best Actress award at the Oscars for her portrayal as Queen Anne.

Queen Anne is believed to have had female lovers.

Clinical psychologist Dr Michael Yates said people’s reactions appeared to depend on how close they were to the person they were being asked about.

‘The idea of having a gay boss or a gay prime minister may be less threatening as our relationships to these individuals are more distant and based on professional or public interactions,’ said Yates.

‘The idea of a child being gay – although not seen through the lens of complete rejection and outrage it once was – is still in many ways considered a second choice.

‘Visibility of sexual difference in many walks of life has increased and LGBT+ individuals and their allies have been able to dispel stereotypes that denigrate homosexuality and gender differences.’

Other queer kings and queens

But Britain may have had other LGBTI kings and queens.

Edward II (1284-1327) is likely the most famous. He is thought to have been a lover of nobleman Piers Gaveston, who he recalled from exile when he gained the thrown and gave him the earldom of Cornwall.

Others may have included Richard the Lionheart, Richard II and James I.

The secret history of the gay Kings and Queens of England