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Broad City will open up on Abbi’s sexuality and show her dating a woman

Broad City will open up on Abbi’s sexuality and show her dating a woman

Abbi Jacobson sat reclined on a chair

The creators of Broad City have revealed that the show’s final season will explore main character, Abbi Abrahams’, sexuality.

Creators Abbi Jacobson – who plays the fictional Abbi – and Ilana Glazer told the New York Times their show has been queer from the ‘get go’.

‘Queerer than we knew. Behind the scenes, in front of the cameras. Everyone who works with us has gotten queerer and queerer in the past six years. I swear to God,’ Glazer said.

Broad City’s fifth season will also be its last. The Comedy Central sitcom follows two best friends – Abbi and Ilana – as they try to navigate adult life in New York City.

Jacobson who came out as bisexual last year said she felt it was important her character explore her sexuality.

‘That’s in my book [in which Jacobson talks about dating a woman], and I wanted to put that in the show,’ Jacobson said.

‘Abbi’s not the fumbling idiot we’re used to seeing, trying to ask someone out. It feels more real.’

The women also revealed wrapping up the popular show has allowed them to reflect on how much they are like the characters they play.

‘For the whole show, we’ve been figuring out how much different we are than our characters. Now that it’s over, I feel so free and proud to be like, that is us,’ Glazer said.

‘It’s not completely, exactly us, but it’s us.’

Jacobson came out publicly during an interview in April, 2018. Since then rumour have circulated that she dated Portlandia actress and Sleater Kinney front-woman Carrie Brownstein.

‘I kind of go both ways; I date men and women,’ she said in the interview.

‘They have to be funny, doing something they love.

‘I don’t know – I’ve never really been interviewed about this before.’

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