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Brokeback Mountain is becoming a stage play

Brokeback Mountain is becoming a stage play

Jake Gyllenhaal says it's now 'ok' for actors to be openly gay in Hollywood

Brokeback Mountain is finally getting a stage adaptation in London.

Based on Annie Proulx’s 1997 short story of the same name, and likely also using much of the adaptation of the 2005 film, the play is an award-winning story about two gay cowboys.

Ennis del Mar, played by Heath Ledger in the film, and Jack Twist, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, have a 20-year love affair when being gay was not only disapproved but completely taboo.

The play’s official Twitter account posted a photo of the script, indicating production has now begun.

‘This week we are very excited to be in the workshop room with actors and creatives who are collaborating to bring to life the first ever stage play of Annie Proulx’s iconic Brokeback Mountain,’  executive producer Tom O’Connell told Attitude.

‘I am thrilled that the team we have for Brokeback will create something visually stunning and deeply moving, transforming audiences into the world of Jack and Ennis.’

Annie Proulx is ‘very happy’ with script to Brokeback Mountain

O’Connell, who has worked on LGBTI plays like Beautiful Thing, Another Country and The Boys In The Band, said Proulx is ‘very happy’ with the script.

‘I am honored to bring Annie Proulx’s beloved story to the stage as a new play that celebrates her compelling writing and will bring a new perspective on this heart-warming tale of an unbreakable bond,’ he said.

‘The struggles that the characters of Brokeback Mountain go through are still present in the world today, making the piece as relevant as ever.’

Casting for the workshop has not yet been announced.