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Brooklyn gay bar This N’ That (TNT) closes its doors

Brooklyn gay bar This N’ That (TNT) closes its doors

This N' That closes its doors

Brooklyn gay bar This N’ That, otherwise known as the TNT, has closed its doors.

The dive and drag show bar in the heart of Williamsburg held its final night on Saturday (1 October).

‘We would like to thank everyone for the great years. Thank you to all of our staff and nightlife talent that has graced our stage,’ Steven McEnrue, the manager, wrote on Facebook.

‘Thank you everyone for the memories and good times.’

Mateus Porto/Facebook

While it has only been open since 2012, many of the bar’s drag artists had a hard time saying their farewells.

‘It’s been an INSANE 4 years at TNT, I was really privileged to be apart of the first drag shows during the TNT era, and I’m proud to been able to witness all of the incredible art that has been created and glorified there,’ Nathaniel Visneaskus said.

Mateus Porto/Facebook

And Daniel Turrell, otherwise known as drag artist Crystal Lubrikant, said: ‘TNT was the very first bar that welcomed me in, before any other NYC queen saw me and allowed me to take the stage and I’m heartbroken, no there aren’t any words for how sad I am that this beautiful place closes tonight.’

TNT to most people was just some tunnel shaped grunge like bar in Brooklyn, to me it was a home away from home. I had a stage to perform on, a family to laugh with, it was a safe place for me and my sisters to do what we love to do. It’s a bitter sweet feeling right now but when one door closes 2 more open up and I’m excited to see everyone’s journey from this point on,’ Kandy Muse wrote. 


‘TNT has done nothing but blessed me this past year and for than I am grateful. Thank you to the staff, security & every working queen that has graced the greatest stage in Brooklyn you guys are fucking amazing!!!!’