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Brooklyn Nine-Nine character comes out as bisexual in 99th episode

Bisexual ladies represent

Brooklyn Nine-Nine character comes out as bisexual in 99th episode
Rosa is officially bi. | Photo: IMDB/Fox

The Fox sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine celebrated its 99th episode on Tuesday night (5 December).

But that’s not all fans celebrated.

Stephanie Beatriz’s character, the tough and blunt Rosa Diaz, came out as bisexual.

In the episode, the Nine-Nine team was on a road trip from Los Angeles back to Brooklyn. During their travels, Charles (Joe Lo Truglio) tried to find out who Rosa was dating following her break-up with Adrian (Jason Mantzoukas).

When Charles overhears a phone call where a woman calls Rosa ‘babe’, she tells Charles she’s bisexual.

Here’s the scene in question, which is understated, but respectful and honest.

Response to the development has been overwhelmingly positive, starting with the show itself.

Fans were equally jazzed.

Other fans were excited Rosa actually said the word ‘bi’ on primetime television.

Another fan discovered Rosa came out on the anniversary of the bisexual pride flag.

More to look forward to

Beatriz, who came out as bisexual last year, hinted to fans there was more to come in next week’s 100th episode.

As for the moment itself, Beatriz told Entertainment Weekly it was something she always thought was there.

‘For the audience, some people may be surprised, other people are going to rejoice and say, “Finally!” For me, as an actress, I’ve always felt something there,’ she said. ‘But for the writers, that’s something they’ve discovered organically over the last four seasons.’

In fact, Beatriz had an idea about it all the way back in Season 1 when Rosa referred to Tonya Harding as ‘thick’.

‘Oftentimes bi characters are hypersexualized and sometimes duplicitous, and they’re playing both sides, or they’re simply defined by their sexuality and not by anything else,’ she further explained.

‘There’s a reason that people sometimes think bisexuality is not something that’s a real thing, which is so mindboggling to me, but I can see how that might happen if that access isn’t there.’

With Rosa, though, it’s different: ‘I love that in this specific iteration, this is someone that the audience already knows, they’ve already established a relationship with, and they care for her. And now on top of that, they’re getting to know her a little bit more. The relationship is deepening.’

As for the mystery woman on the phone, Beatriz hopes the show will introduce her soon.

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