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Bruce Springsteen cancels North Carolina concert over anti-LGBTI law

Bruce Springsteen cancels North Carolina concert over anti-LGBTI law

Rock and roll icon Bruce Springsteen has canceled a concert this weekend in North Carolina in protest of the state”s new anti-LGBTI law.

He has been scheduled to perform in Greensboro on Sunday (1 April).

Springsteen is against HB2 which was quickly passed by the state legislature and signed into law by Governor Pat McCrory last month.

It bans all local LGBTI rights ordinances in the state and was rushed into law to override an ordinance in Charlotte that would have allowed transgender people to use the bathroom of their gender identification.

‘The law also attacks the rights of LGBT citizens to sue when their human rights are violated in the workplace,’ Springsteen said in a statement Friday (8 April).

‘No other group of North Carolinians faces such a burden. To my mind, it’s an attempt by people who cannot stand the progress our country has made in recognizing the human rights of all of our citizens to overturn that progress.’

Springsteen added: ‘I feel that this is a time for me and the band to show solidarity for those freedom fighters. … Some things are more important than a rock show and this fight against prejudice and bigotry — which is happening as I write — is one of them.

‘It is the strongest means I have for raising my voice in opposition to those who continue to push us backwards instead of forwards.’