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Brussels celebrates Pride with rainbow crosswalks

Residents of the Saint-Jacques neighborhood found crosswalks decorated with colors of Pride flag

Brussels celebrates Pride with rainbow crosswalks
Photo: Twitter
Brussels is marking Pride with rainbow crosswalks

It’s Pride season and Brussels, Belgium, has turned its streets into rainbows to celebrate.

20 May marks Brussels’ official Pride celebration, but the city got a head start this week when residents of the Saint-Jacques neighborhood found their crosswalks decorated with the colors of the Pride flag.

According to News4Europe, the city intends to keep these festive crosswalks for the next eight months.

Some cities in the US are celebrating Pride month in a similar fashion. A petition started by a gay member of the Dupont Circle Advisory Neighborhood Commission in Washington D.C urged the mayor to place rainbow crosswalks on a section of 17th Street N.W, where many LGBTI bars, clubs, and restaurants are located.

In Atlanta, Georgia, another petition was making its rounds online urging the city government to reinstate the rainbow crosswalks that existed during Pride 2015. Only this time, petition-starter Sarah Rose, a trans woman and LGBTI advocate, wants the colorful crosswalks to be a permanent fixture.

‘10th and Piedmont is considered by many to be the ‘epicenter’ of Atlanta’s LGBTQ district – and the surrounding area is a huge gathering place each year for Pride,’ the petition states.

The petition has already garnered thousands of signatures, though it’s still about 5,000 signatures away from reaching its goal of 25,000.

In the past, cities such as Seattle, Philadelphia, and San Francisco have decorated their crosswalks with the colors of the Pride flag as well.