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Bryan Fischer on his homophobia: ‘I was born this way’

Bryan Fischer on his homophobia: ‘I was born this way’

Bryan Fischer was fired as the American Family Association's spokesperson for his anti-gay comments.

Bryan Fischer, one of the most anti-gay voices in the US, has quoted bisexual singer Lady Gaga to explain his homophobia, Right Wing Watch reports.

A caller to his show on American Family Radio argued that he was made in God’s image and therefore ‘born a Christian.’

He then demanded to why he had fewer rights than LGBTI people who also claim to be ‘born this way.’

‘That’s a good argument,’ Fischer replied. ‘The way I am, I was born this way.’

He continued: ‘Who would choose, at this time in our nation’s history, to be a Christian? You’re ridiculed. You’re mocked. You’re made fun of. You get fired… I mean, who would choose a lifestyle where you are the unending subject of ridicule, mockery, and contempt by liberals in society, by elites, by professors, on the media, by politicians?’

Fischer, who was fired as the American Family Association’s spokesperson for his anti-gay comments, did admit that ‘faith is a matter of choice,’ but then asserted that humans were born with an ‘instinctive revulsion’ to homosexuality.

‘I think that most of us have an instinctive, I think revulsion is not too strong of a word, to the act of homosexuality, what actually happens when homosexuals come together and engage in sexual congress,’ he said.

‘We look at that and there is just an inner revulsion to that.’

He continued: ‘God has the same reaction that you and I do.’

‘But that instinctive revulsion that we have when we think about homosexuality, I was born that way.’

Watch the clip from the show below: