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Budapest Pride 2012 banned by police

Budapest Pride 2012 banned by police

The chief of Budapest's police has issued a resolution banning the 2012 LGBT pride march through the Hungarian capital.

The ban has been justified on grounds that the march would have an adverse effect on traffic which cannot be diverted to alternative routes. The police claim that this will encroach the freedom of movement for locals who aren't taking part.

Amnesty International has called on the Hungarian police and government to lift the ban while the event organisers, the Rainbow Mission Foundation, are planning to appeal to the Budapest Metropolitan Court.

In 2011 the Budapest police banned the Pride march on similar grounds. The ban was eventually lifted following an appeal by organizers, however the route was altered to stop marchers coming in contact with far-right protesters.

The parade was marred with violence as neo-nazis attempted to attack marchers. Riot police had to be brought in, helicopters constantly surveyed the area and a Metro line had to be closed down.