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Bullied for wearing women’s clothes, Indian jumps in front of train

Bullied for wearing women’s clothes, Indian jumps in front of train

A train in Chennai (Photo: Wikipedia)

A Chennai-based Indian jumped in front of a train on Wednesday (17 October). They had been ridiculed for wearing women’s clothing on social media.

Twenty-four-year-old Kalaiyarasan, who lived in the southern city of Chennai, uploaded videos to the app tiktok, according to local media.

People online ridiculed Kalaiyarasan to the point that the young person wanted to take their own life, the Hindustan Times said, citing police and family members.

Gay Star News could not determine Kalaiyarasan’s preferred gender identity.

‘An inquiry with his family members revealed that the youth was in great distress on being teased by his followers in the app for releasing videos in woman’s costumes,’ a police official probing the case told the Hindustan Times.

‘Many of his followers ridiculed him as a transgender and a eunuch,’ the official said.

In the last video Kalaiyarasan posted, Kalaiyarasan said ‘I will do things which I prefer’.

‘I cannot be cowed down by those who tease. Although I have uploaded many videos in a male role, why do the haters continue to hurt me when I am posing as a woman?’, Kalaiyarasan said, according to local media.

Their family also scolded Kalaiyarasan after seeing his videos, police told the Hindustan Times.

India’s Supreme Court decriminalized gay sex in a landmark decision last month. But, activists have warned it will take a while for society’s attitudes to catch up with the ruling.

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