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Bullied trans girl, 15, commits suicide days after coming out

Bullied trans girl, 15, commits suicide days after coming out

A bullied 15-year-old transgender girl committed suicide last week days after coming out.

Cameron Langrell from Racine, Wisconsin told her parents a few years ago that she felt trapped in the wrong body.

She recently announced she was transgender and dating a boy on Facebook, and changed the gender on her profile to female.

Days later on 30 April, her mother, Jamie Olender, found her dead in the basement of their home.

‘He was always bullied for being feminine,’ Olender told the Journal Times. ‘We told him to be who you are.’

Olender said the bullying had taken its toil on Langrell. Her grades slipped and she started skipping school to avoid her tormentors, but the bullying just spilled over onto social media.

‘He was a spark, just a beautiful, beautiful child,’ Olender said of Langrell, who loved to sing, dance and perform.

‘He would do anything for anybody and it’s so sad he felt this was the only way out,’ she said.

Racine School District spokesperson Stacy Tapp said in a statement: ‘We are heartbroken over the loss of Cameron and we are doing everything we can to support our Horlick High School family. We have programs across the district, at every age level for students.’