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Bully sends NYE apology to LGBTI guy he tormented at school

Bully sends NYE apology to LGBTI guy he tormented at school

a close up selfie of mina gerges, he has short cropped dark hair, wearing a white singlet and is standing outside in front of a blue sky

A body positivity model has share the surprising apology message he received from his high school bully.

Mina Gerges share a screenshot of the text he received to his Twitter account.

‘Hey man, I just want to apologize for any fucked up things i said to you or about you in high school. It weighs on me. I hope all is well. Cheers,’ the text read.

Gerges is Canadian/Egyptian model based in Toronto and said he loved how his bully had grown.

‘My highschool bully just messaged me to apologize and tbh this is the kind of energy I need in 2019,’ Gerges wrote on Twitter.

‘I messaged him back and asked him why he thought about it 8 years later and he said he felt really bad about it for a while, should’ve been kinder instead, and wished he’d done it sooner. We love growth!’

Gerges shot to fame in 2015 for his epic recreations of celebrity’s looks. But a price of his new found fame was that many people bullied him for his weight.

So the model decided to shift his attention to promoting a body positive message after his online bullies drove him to have an eating disorder.

Gerges has been vocal about unrealistic beauty standards in the media. He has spoken out about how the lack of body diversity has always made him feel invisible.

He’s also said toxic masculinity ‘prevents men from speaking out about body image issues’.