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WATCH: Burger King stands up for queer kids and others being bullied

WATCH: Burger King stands up for queer kids and others being bullied

A real customer spots a kid being bullied in the Burger King film

A three-minute advert by Burger King has gone viral on social media. Within it, the burger chain directly tackles the issue of bullying. More specifically, whether people call out bullying when they see it.

The film begins with kids recounting the reasons for which they’re bullied.

‘Chubby, short,’ says one girl.

‘Queer’ says one boy.

‘Getting caught up in bullying is so easy. You’re just glad you’re not being bullied,’ says another.

The brand then undertakes an experiment. It places young actors in a restaurant and they pretend to bully one of the group. It then also ‘bullies’ a burger: A chef smashes it with his fist before wrapping it up and giving it to an unknowing customer.

A bullied child or a bullied burger? Can you guess which prompts the most comments from the real customers?

Burger King 95% of customers complained about their burger while only 12% of customers intervened when they saw the child being bullied nearby.

Although it’s an advert for a burger chain, it remains a powerful film that will make you think again about your own actions if you see a young person being picked upon by others.

A statement on YouTube says that the film was produced for National Anti-Bullying Month. It recommends viewers check out for more advice on bullying. The film has been viewed over 370,000 times on Facebook at the time of writing.

Burger King is headquartered in Miami, Florida. It scored 85 (out of 100) on the most recent HRC Corporate Equality Index – a ranking of companies based on their LGBT-friendly policies and procedures.

It has previously supported LGBT causes through participation at Pride events and producing a limited edition ‘Proud Whopper’ .

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