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This bus promoting homophobic messages was wrapped in a Pride rainbow flag

This bus promoting homophobic messages was wrapped in a Pride rainbow flag

Now that's a good way to protest

A bus promoting homophobic and transphobic messages was wrapped with Pride rainbow flag by LGBTI activists.

The National Front for the Family in Mexico has nicknamed their vehicle of hate the ‘freedom bus’.

‘Do not mess with my children’, ‘Free textbooks with gender ideology out’ and ‘Teens should not know about sexual rights!’ are plastered on the bus that shows a man and a woman as the only ‘correct’ family.

It also says: ‘It is perverse to tell children from the age of 10 they can have sex with adults and have an abortion…without the recognition of their parents’.

No one in Mexico is suggesting children can have sex with adults. The age at which any person in Mexico can have sex with another adult ranges from 16 to 18.

Activists from National Congress of GLBTI, Inclusive Vote and Codise all gathered together to stop the truck from moving in Guadalajara.

Wrapping the ‘freedom bus’ with a rainbow flag, they stood outside to protest.

The bus is sponsored by Hacerte Oír, a Spanish Catholic group, right-wing think group Citizen Go, and the US homophobic group National Organization for Marriage. In the US and Europe, it spread the transphobic message of ‘It’s biology: Boys are boys … and always will be. Girls are girls … and always will be. You can’t change sex. Respect all.’

Jaime Cobián, a protestor, said ‘these right-wing groups want to remove the rights’ of the most vulnerable people.

‘Gay people are not what you fear,’ he said. ‘They are your sons, fathers, brothers, bishops and priests.’

He added: ‘Since Mexico is moving forward in LGBTI rights, we will not let there be a setback.’