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Cairo Grand Imam tells Indonesia being gay is a satanic crime against humanity

Cairo Grand Imam tells Indonesia being gay is a satanic crime against humanity

An Egyptian Islamic leader visiting Indonesia to promote ‘moderate’ Islam has joined the debate over the rights of LGBTI people in the world’s most populous Muslim nation by implying there is an international conspiracy to spread tolerance of homosexuality.

Grand Imam of Cairo’s Al-Azhar University Muhammad Ahmad Al Thayyib made the comments in an interview with The Jakarta Post on Monday when asked what Muslims should make of the debate.

‘This major propaganda is orchestrated by various international institutions and organizations using all kinds of methods and instruments such as the mass media and seminars, involving a number of celebrated figures and other possible means,’ Al Thayyib told the newspaper.

‘The objective is to promote and solidify homosexuality … the amoral and satanic propaganda launched by these various, vicious, parties has the purpose of destroying the human moral order respected by all religions and schools, because this moral order is in line with humanity’s innate quality … created by Allah.’

‘Promoting homosexuality and this moral decadence is not a victory for human rights but is a moral disease that undermines humanity’s [innate quality] and is contrary to the nobility granted by Allah to human beings.

‘Homosexuality constitutes humanity’s deep moral decadence, a crime against humanity itself, an obvious violation of our humanity and a contamination of freedom. And we certainly reject all these ruthless efforts.’

Al Thayyib also lashed out at the institution of same-sex marriage and warned that the international forces promoting homosexuality wanted it to come to Muslim countries as well.

‘Various facets of homosexual propaganda have invaded the Islamic world under the name of “same-sex marriage.” This is being performed after they successfully launched the propaganda in a number of other countries, hence accepted by religious leaders and groups in these countries.’

‘We oppose this sexual deviation being called marriage. In Islam marriage can be only exist between a man and a woman in accordance with the teaching of noble religions, under which the terms and conditions have been stipulated.’

The Grand Imam’s comments come in the same week as Indonesia’s Minister of Defense called the global LGBTI rights movement more dangerous than a nuclear bomb and the Indonesian Psychiatrists Association declared LGBTI people to be suffering from mental disorders.