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Calgary police searching for suspect in anti-trans hate crime

Calgary police searching for suspect in anti-trans hate crime

A city train in Calgary

Police in Calgary, Canada are searching for a suspect in an alleged anti-trans hate crime.

What happened?

A transgender woman named Mira Baker was attacked on a city train on 27 October. According to the victim, she was just minding her own business when the assault occurred.

‘This guy came up to me and started hassling me about being transgender,’ Baker told Global News.

Baker was caught off-guard by the man’s comments.

‘Something that I’m almost as good-looking as he is… I can’t remember his exact phrasing, but he was making fun of the fact that I looked like a man dressed as a woman.’

Baker asked the man to leave her alone, but it only escalated things.

‘He got up and headed back toward me and punched me right in the face, right in the nose,’ she recalled.

Baker tried to defend herself and grabbed the man while yelling for help, urging fellow passengers to pull the emergency bar.

When the train stopped, the man fled.

Police released the CCTV footage of the man, with the hopes of identifying him.

The video shows the suspect before he got on the train. Footage of the assault itself were not released for investigative reasons.
Watch a news clip about the incident below.


Craig Collins is the hate crimes coordinator with the Calgary Police Service.

‘When we’re dealing with the hate bias component — where someone is targeted because of their gender or sexuality — it adds an additional aggravating factor,’ Collins told Global News.

‘Somebody is now being targeted for who they are and that’s not acceptable.’

While the attack has left Baker anxious, even afraid to leave home, she is glad authorities are taking it seriously.

‘Transgender people are just people and we just want to live our lives,’ she said.

How to help

Anyone with information on the suspect is urged to contact the Calgary Police Service by calling the non-emergency number at 403-266-1234 or emailing the hate crimes coordinator at [email protected]

Anything else?

Back in September, a Calgary art venue came under fire for its removal of a poster commemorating the victims of anti-trans murders.

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