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California police officer accused of raping trans woman whilst on duty

California police officer accused of raping trans woman whilst on duty

A police officer in Southern California has been accused of raping a transsexual woman whilst on duty.


The El Monte officer, who has been placed on leave as a criminal investigation takes place, allegedly attacked the woman in October 2012 as she walked to a friends house in the early hours.


According to the complaint, the officer pulled up to the victim and demanded to know what she was doing. He then ordered her to lean into the driver’s side window of his police car.


When she leaned forward, the officer groped her and asked if she was ‘a nasty shemale’.


After she responded that she was transsexual, the uniformed officer allegedly lead her to a secluded area and attacked her.


A condom which was reportedly used by the attacker was kept by the victim to use as evidence, and has been handed over to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.


Robert Kitson, who is representing the victim, has said she only complied with her alleged attacker’s demands out of fear.


He said: ‘At no point did [the accused officer] have probable cause to detain [the victim].’


El Monte Police Chief Steve Schuster said: ‘These allegations are very disturbing and clearly not representative of the expectations we have for the men and women who serve the El Monte Police Department.


‘We take any allegation against our Police Department tor individual police officers very seriously because we hold our officers to the highest standard.


‘The officer in question has been put on administrative leave while an internal investigation is conducted.’


The victim is seeking unspecified damages from El Monte Police Department and the unnamed officer, who has yet to be arrested.