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Californian conservatives plan to attack new trans law through ballot

Californian conservatives plan to attack new trans law through ballot

Californian conservatives are aiming to repeal a recent law protecting transgender students in the state by taking the issue to the ballot box.

The recent bill, which is known as AB1226 will take effect on 1 January, will allow students in California to use facilities such as bathrooms and changing rooms which match the gender they identify with.

Whilst the bill has received praise from LGBT groups, conservatives have expressed outrage at the law which they believe will ‘confuse’ children.

A group calling themselves ‘Privacy For All Students’ is aiming to get the issue on the ballot in November.

Assemblyman Curt Hagman has criticised the new law, stating: ‘Brown signed this measure into law despite having received thousands of letters from concerned parents urging him to veto it.

‘Many people who wrote to the governor wrote to me as well, asking the state to not impose the social values of the most liberal politicians on our classrooms.’

James Na, a supporter of the proposed ballot, said: ‘We do have to protect our children. … We can’t allow our children to be in that type of situation.’

Many LGBT supporters have defended the new law, calling it necessary.

Alexis Ungerer, a social worker who works with young trans people, has attacked the proposed ballot. She said: I have youth who will not drink or eat anything before or at school, just so they won’t have to use either bathroom.

‘Schools make accommodations for people with special conditions all the time, so this really is no different than doing that.’

The recent law has been considered ‘inappropriate’ by conservative groups across the United States.

Right-wing news outlet Fox News has been particularly critical, with pundits from the network’s ‘Fox & Friends’ believing teenagers will pretend to be transgender so they can access changing rooms of the opposite sex.