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Calvin Klein’s former boyfriend insists he’s not gay

Calvin Klein’s former boyfriend insists he’s not gay

Nick Gruber has no problem admitting he and Calvin Klein were a couple, but the 23-year-old model does not describe his sexuality as gay.

In an interview with New York magazine, the former gay porn model discuses growing up, his up and down relationship with the famed fashion designer and his plans for the future.

‘I’m not gay, but I don’t believe in labels, I believe in love,’ Gruber said to the magazine.

However, he talks about his affair with the man 48-years his senior. Gruber maintains they met through mutual friends, when Gruber was still in the military. He’s modeling work was getting internet buzz, and was eventually dismissed from the army under Don’t Ask, Don”t Tell.

Klein threw Gruber a 21st-birthday bash that made the gossip news, and Gruber, as the magazine reports, tried to play his role as Eliza Doolittle. There was the application to New York University and the cooking lessons.

‘When I used to go to Italy a lot, I learned how to make proper pesto,’ Gruber said to the magazine.

After a year, the relationship stalled with Gruber being charged with possession and assault.

There was talk of a tell-all book about his romance with Klein, but those plans have been dropped.

Gruber is back in New York City, after a foray in Los Angeles where he was attached to ‘another older man, named John Luciano, and was squired around LA. by a third, another designer, named Lloyd Klein.’

That seems all behind him. The former Army private has a public relations manager and is looking to return to modeling and possible work as a personal trainer.