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UK PM David Cameron pledges to speed up PrEP and help global LGBT rights

UK PM David Cameron pledges to speed up PrEP and help global LGBT rights

UK Prime Minister David Cameron

Britain will do more to improve LGBT rights abroad and particularly in the Commonwealth, Prime Minister David Cameron has promised.

He also pledged to speed up the process which could lead to PrEP, the drug that can prevent people contracting HIV, being available.

Cameron made the promises as he hosted members of the LGBTI community in the garden of Number 10 Downing Street, ahead of IDAHOT (International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia) tomorrow.

He said: ‘If we held this last year I would have been able to say how proud I was to be prime minister of the best country for LGBTs but that’s not the case any more. Malta has overtaken us. And I really want to get the top position back.’

Cameron said changing the law was part of that and repeated his pledge to give pardons to all those gay and bi men convicted for consensual gay sex before homosexuality was decriminalized.

And he said he would take action which could lead to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), the drug that can stop people contracting HIV, becoming available via the National Health Service.

‘I am going to make sure we get through the gears a bit faster and get this fixed,’ he promised.

But he also wants to do more to help those outside Britain.

‘One thing I hope the government can do more about is that ambition to change the world.’

He promised to make sure all parts of the government worked together to improve LGBTI rights around the world, particularly in Commonwealth countries that still criminalize homosexuality.

The build up to the next Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, to be hosted by Britain in 2018, would provide the opportunity to raise this, he said.