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Campaign launched to send coal to pastor who wants all gays killed for Christmas

Campaign launched to send coal to pastor who wants all gays killed for Christmas

The same group who bought and painted a house in the rainbow pride colors across the road from the Westboro Baptist Church has a new target in their crosshairs.

Nonprofit humanitarian organization Planting Peace has launched a crowdfunding campaign through the website to send coal for Christmas to Faithful Word Baptist Church pastor Steven Anderson after he said executing all gay people could eliminate AIDS before Christmas.

‘If you executed the homos like God recommends, you wouldn’t have all this AIDS running rampant,’ Anderson said in a sermon that he posted to YouTube.

Anderson continued on to say that if all gay people were executed there could be an ‘AIDS-free world by Christmas.’

How this would prevent HIV when the majority of people around the world who are living with the virus are heterosexual was not explained by Anderson.

Each donation to the campaign will go towards helping people who are living with HIV and in return Planting Peace will show Anderson that he is very definitely on Santa’s naughty list.

‘In keeping with Planting Peace’s philosophy of countering messages of hate with compassion, we wanted to provide a positive platform to bring people together to not only help people with HIV, but to do so in a lighthearted way that will raise awareness for a very serious issue,’ Planting Peace president Aaron Jackson told the Huffington Post earlier today.

‘Pastor Anderson calling for the execution of gays is a startling reminder of how much hate and bigotry still exists in our society.’

Donations are pouring in to the campaign which will see lumps of coal sent by Planting Peace to Anderson in festive packages tied with bows – to be delivered to him on Christmas Eve.

In the time that it has taken to write this story donations to the campaign have climbed from around $4,000 to over $6,000 and donations continue to pour in every second.

Planting Peace have set an initial goal of $10,000 for the campaign but they may well exceed that with some individuals donating as much as $100.

Watch Anderson’s disgusting comments below