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Campbell’s Soup dads named ‘Sexiest Pitchmen Alive’ by People Magazine

Campbell’s Soup dads named ‘Sexiest Pitchmen Alive’ by People Magazine

David Beckham may have landed on the cover of People Magazine’s annual Sexiest Man Alive issue this year but Larry Sullivan and David Monahan landed a nice spot inside.

The couple were deemed ‘Sexiest Pitchmen Alive’ by the magazine for their memorable Campbell’s Soup commercial this year which featured the dads with their son Cooper.

The charming spot for the soup giant’s Star Wars offering went viral. It features each dad doing his best to channel James Earl Jones as the voice of Darth Vadar as they tell Cooper: ‘I am your Father.’

‘I didn’t realize it would blow up and become the big deal it has become,’ Sullivan, 45, tells People. ‘Neither of us have been on the ‘I’m an activist’ train, and I still don’t think we really are, because all we’re doing is just living our lives. But it just so happens that our spot is entering people’s living rooms that normally probably wouldn’t let us into their homes, and they don’t really have a choice.’

Monahan, 44, adds: ‘At the end of the day all we’re trying to do is pay for preschool and our mortgage! But we’re happy to be that couple who put ourselves out there to just show that families come in all shapes and sizes.’

Campbells tweet their congratulations to the couple for being included in the ‘sexiest’ issue: From the worst Darth Vaders to the sexiest…not bad. Congratulations and thank you.’