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Canada appoints first trans judge

Canada appoints first trans judge

A Canadian man has made history by becoming the country’s first transgender judge.

Kale McKenzie, a judge for Manitoba, was sworn in during a ceremony held in Winnipeg yesterday (12 February).

McKenzie, who was officially designated a judge in December, has received a lot of support throughout Canada, with one judge saying: ‘Kael is the first self-identified transgender judge in Canada and that is something to be celebrated’.

Hon. Gord Mackintosh, the Minister for Justice and Attorney General, said: ‘It’s historic… anytime the court can be more diverse, I think it strengthens the court, it makes it more legitimate, it gives it greater authority’

Anne Krahn, who was sworn in alongside McKenzie, said: ‘I am pleased to be part of an administrative team who are supportive and from whom I have so much to learn’

Speaking to the courtroom, McKenzie said: ‘I’m overwhelmed by the kind comments today.’

McKenzie also shared how his appointment has helped trans people in Canada, including parents of trans children.

He said: ‘They acknowledged their fears for their children’s’ futures, and somehow my appointment helped allay some of those fears… They came out with a message of renewed hope that their children would have bright and prosperous futures, regardless of their gender identity.’

McKenzie also thanked his family for their support, saying: ‘I have two great sons. This day would not be complete without them.

‘They’ve been the centre of my universe and I love them very much. I’m glad they agreed to miss school today.’