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Canada denies entry visa to anti-gay Lebanese pop star

Canada denies entry visa to anti-gay Lebanese pop star

Lebanese Canadian LGBT activists ran a successful campaign that led Canada to deny entry to a homophobic pop star from Lebanon.   All his scheduled concerts in the country have now been cancelled.

Unconfrimed reports, however, still suggest the pop star may attempt to reschedule some of the shows and apply again for a visa with the Canadian authorities.

Earlier this year, Mohamad Eskandar released a song called Ded El Enf, mocking the Lebanese LGBT community’s attempts to find acceptance in the country.

Lyrics include, ‘Without jealousy and real masculinity, women are in trouble. Ever since the military service stopped, half of men became plagued by the disease of femininity.

‘If my dad and yours weren’t macho, we would not have existed and humans would have become extinct.

‘Don’t be tender with your boy and don’t treat him like a flower. When he makes a mistake, firmness is a must. Let him become strong, violent and macho, otherwise he will only be a 50-per-cent man.’

Lebanese LGBT rights group Helem’s Montreal office claimed the song advocates violence against LGBT people.

‘Ded El Enf … translates to “Against Violence,” a slogan commonly used by the [Lebanese] LGBT community [to advocate] against discrimination. The title was purposely used to ridicule the LGBT cause and advocacy efforts,’ Helem Montreal said in a statement.

‘[It] also encourages the physical abuse of boys displaying any femininity. The video clip is extremely repulsive and depicts every possible gay stereotype. It portrays men having sex in washrooms, and boys wearing high heels and playing with dolls.’

In a widely publicized campaign, Helem Montreal contacted venues in Windsor, Montreal and Ottawa where Eskandar was due to perform in the end of August and early September.  Helem managed to receive in writing a promise the pop star would not be allowed to perform any homophobic or offensive songs.

The campaign proved even more successful when The Lebanese LGBT Media Monitor group was informed over the weekend that Esknadar’s initial Canadian visa application has been denied: ‘Kudos to the Lebanese diaspora and to its activists, we hope that this zeal and commitment reaches our homeland and pushes things in the right direction,’ read a statement by the group.

Unconfirmed reports received by the Lebanese Media Monitor suggest that El Mazaj restaurant in Ottawa is still trying to bring the pop star to preform in ‘Canada and might be pulling some strings with some Lebanese-Canadian politicians to secure the Lebanese pop star a visa in the coming weeks.’

Watch Mohamad Eskandar sing his homophobic song Ded El Enf: