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Canada voted most friendly country for LGBTI travellers, while US ranked just 47

Canada voted most friendly country for LGBTI travellers, while US ranked just 47

The friendliest countries for LGBTI travellers are Canada, Portugal and Sweden, according to a gay travel index released earlier this week (26 February).

Three countries tied for first place while 13 countries – almost all in Europe – tied for fourth place.

However, the US failed to make the top 45, instead sharing 47th place.

It ranked with: Bermuda, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Macao, Seychelles and Thailand.

The US’ decline

The Spartacus Gay Travel Index 2019 ranked 197 countries based on 14 criteria.

This included antidiscrimination laws, partnership and adoption laws and trans rights.

Moreover, the US has dropped 13 spots in three years.

It ranked 34 in 2014, falling to 39 last year.

Spartacus International pointed to President Trump’s ‘attempts to curtail transgender rights in the military’ for the decline.

Meanwhile, Portugal’s leap to the top spit from last year was huge, considering it was 27 last year.

What country was bottom?

Out of 197 countries ranked, Chechnya is bottom.

The Spartacus International Gay Guide said the country is involved in ‘state-organized persecution and killings of homosexuals.’

Furthermore, rounding out the bottom five were: Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Yemen.

However, the top 16 friendliest countries, ranked for first and fourth, include:

1 Canada

1 Portugal

1 Sweden

4 Austria

4 Belgium

4 Denmark

4 Finland

4 Iceland

4 Luxembourg

4 Malta

4 The Netherlands

4 New Zealand

4 Norway

4 Reunion

4 Spain

4 United Kingdom

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