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Canada releases rainbow stamps to commemorate same-sex marriage

Canada releases rainbow stamps to commemorate same-sex marriage

Canadian couple Jill Andrew and Aisha Fairclough exchanged vows at World Pride

Canada has released a rainbow stamp to celebrate marriage equality.

It is part of a set celebrating the Confederation’s 150th anniversary by commemorating ten major achievements of the past 50 years.

It wouldn’t be Canada if it didn’t come in the form of a maple leaf.

They all carry designs to show what they stand for; the same-sex marriage stamp features a picture of the rainbow flag.

Canada's stamp commemorating same-sex marriage

Canada established marriage equality on 20 July 2005. It was the fourth country in the world, and the first outside Europe, to allow same-sex couples the same rights as opposite-sex couples.

As part of the release, Canada Post also produced a video for each stamp they produced.

In this one, people describe their fight for marriage equality and how it affected their lives.

‘For me, marriage was the culminating point of a long journey,’ said Laurent McCutcheon.

‘Because it was the point of arrival. We started from prison, being criminals, being mentally ill. And then we arrived to having the right to marry.

‘It was quite a journey.’

So far, four other stamps have been released – to commemorate Expo 67, the 1982 Constitution, and the Canadarm – also known Shuttle Remote Manipulator System, a system of robotic arms which were used on Space Shuttle orbiters.