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Canadian politician attacks Drag Race star, compares drag to blackface

Canadian politician attacks Drag Race star, compares drag to blackface

Brooke Lynn Hytes is on season 11 of RuPaul's Drag Race | Photo: VH1

A Canadian politician is being mocked for comparing drag to blackface.

Maxime Bernier, the People’s Party leader, posted a tweet attacking ‘leftist logic’ this week.

He said the left praised drag queens while attacking white people with dreadlocks and blackface as racist.

The tweet came after the official Twitter account, run by Global Affairs Canada, praised Toronto queen Brooke Lynn Hytes.

She is also the first Canadian to appear on RuPaul’s Drag Race this year on season 11.

‘Canada is behind you as (you) strut your way towards becoming one fierce superstar!’ the tweet read.

Bernier responded:

‘Government-sponsored leftist logic:

❌ Wearing clothes from another ethnic group
❌ White with dreadlocks
❌ Blackface
❌ Men building pipelines
= cultural appropriation, racism, toxic masculinity

✅ Men wearing female dress and makeup
= diversity 🌈’

Blackface and drag is not the same thing. Its origins date back to the 19th century as a way for white performers to mock black people.

After receiving backlash for his tweet, Bernier said: ‘Let’s provoke some head explosions among social justice warriors.’

He also said blackface is a ‘non-existent phenomenon.’

Bernier has previously supported marriage equality.

When asked about Bernier’s tweet, a spokesperson for Global Affairs Canada said it was proud to promote Hytes’ appearance on the TV program.

‘The promotion and protection of the rights of LGBTQ2 people worldwide is a priority for our government, and we will continue to champion respect for diversity, inclusion and the human rights of all people everywhere,’ he said.