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This Canadian town’s trans crosswalk just made history

This Canadian town’s trans crosswalk just made history

Lethbridge painted a transgender flag crosswalk for Pride

A Canadian Pride has painted the world’s first transgender crosswalk.

Lethbridge, in Alberta, Canada, is home to about 92,000 people.

Now it is also (reportedly) the first city in the world to have an officially approved transgender crosswalk.

They actually painted two crosswalks this year: one rainbow, to symbolize the whole community, and one in the white, pink, and baby blue of the transgender flag.

The idea behind it was to push for more inclusion of trans people, who are often seen as ‘not quite fitting’ into the LGBTI community.

‘The rainbow flag encompasses us all. The trans flag, the importance of that is bringing that recognition. There’s been some times it hasn’t been recognized even in the LGBT community,’ Lethbridge Pride Fest Chair Devon Hargreaves told the Lethbridge Herald.

‘So to bring that to the forefront, it’s making a statement saying you are a part of our community.’

The crosswalks are temporary, but have been met with lots of love – and not just from the local community, but from trans people all over Canada.

‘We’ve gotten messages from people who think this is actually going to improve their quality of life here in Lethbridge. Other people are calling for it in their cities,’ Hargreaves said.

‘We hope we’re starting a trend and more importantly starting a discussion about trans rights and the value of life and the value of Pride as a diverse, unique community that encompasses us all.’

And they even got a letter on behalf of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, written by Randy Boissonnault, his special adviser on LGBTQ+ issues.

They congratulated the society on their historic crosswalk and praised their leadership.

Because this small Canadian town also beat one of the gayest places on Earth: Los Angeles have been trying to get a trans crosswalk approved, too. But they are still waiting.