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Canadians stop Lebanese pop star from singing anti-gay song

The Lebanese Canadian LGBT community have been assured that a visiting homophobic pop star will not perform a song which mocks LGBT Lebanese people’s struggle for acceptance

Canadians stop Lebanese pop star from singing anti-gay song

A group of Lebanese Canadian LGBT activists have successfully campaigned to stop a visiting Lebanese pop star from singing his homophobic hit song during performances in Montreal.

Mohamad Eskandar released the song Ded El Enf, mocking the Lebanese LGBT community’s attempts to find acceptance in the country, earlier this year.

Lyrics include, ‘Without jealousy and real masculinity, women are in trouble. Ever since the military service stopped, half of men became plagued by the disease of femininity.

‘If my dad and yours weren’t macho, we would not have existed and humans would have become extinct.

‘Don’t be tender with your boy and don’t treat him like a flower. When he makes a mistake, firmness is a must. Let him become strong, violent and macho, otherwise he will only be a 50-per-cent man.’

LGBT rights group Helem Montreal say the song advocates violence against LGBT people.

‘Ded El Enf … translates to “Against Violence,” a slogan commonly used by the [Lebanese] LGBT community [to advocate] against discrimination. The title was purposely used to ridicule the LGBT cause and advocacy efforts,’ Helem Montreal said in a statement.

‘[It] also encourages the physical abuse of boys displaying any femininity. The video clip is extremely repulsive and depicts every possible gay stereotype. It portrays men having sex in washrooms, and boys wearing high heels and playing with dolls.’

Helem Montreal contacted both venues where Eskandar is due to perform in early September and both have made assurances that he will not perform Ded El Enf or another song the group has issues with.

The video clip for Ded El Enf has since been removed from YouTube.

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