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Cape Town gay bar murder case postponed

Cape Town gay bar murder case postponed

The trial of four men accused of killing a gay club owner in Cape Town, South Africa, has been postponed until 4 June, the City's Magistrate's Court decided on Thursday (26 April).

John Frederick Coetzee, 36, Achmat Toffa, 35, Fareez Allie, 29 and Kurt Erispe, 35 are all charged with the murder of Bruno Bronn.

Allie and Erispe were granted bail last month (March, 2012).

Bronn, 50, was found dead in his home on 7 February.

According to police, the owner of the famous Bronx nightclub, situated in the heart of the city's gay scene in Somerset Road, was found lying on his back on the floor with his hands tied with tape in front of him.