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Cara Delevingne gets candid about sex and being ‘more dominant’ with women

Cara Delevingne gets candid about sex and being ‘more dominant’ with women

Cara Delevingne

Actress and model Cara Delevingne opened up about her sex life and bisexuality on What’s The Tee with RuPaul and Michelle Visage.

Delevingne appeared on the latest episode of RuPaul’s podcast, where she talked orgasm and dating both men and women.

Delevingne says she’s ‘more dominant’ with girls

‘[Sex] is different with men and women,’ she said.

She then admitted being ‘more dominant’ when she is intimate with women.

‘I’m always very submissive with men, always, but then with women, I’m the opposite,’ Delevingne told RuPaul and Visage.

Delevingne, who is in a relationship with Pretty Little Liars’ Ashley Benson, also revealed she likes having sex more than she likes going out these days.

‘As a person, generally, I’m really good at giving love, and not receiving it,’ she then said.

‘I’m kind of the same in bed as well. I find it quite difficult to receive pleasure, love or things like that. I just kind of like to give.’

Growing up with Disney movies

The model then opened up about her childhood and adolescence.

‘I have sisters, but I spent a lot of time alone,’ she said.

‘Films and fantasy and books were so incredible to me. I’ve learnt so many lessons from that. Disney and that kind of fairytale thing.’

She then explained the heteronormative plots were among the reasons she struggled to come to terms with her bisexuality.

‘That’s part of the reason why I never wanted to accept my sexuality,’ she revealed.

‘Disney princesses all love men, that’s the way it is and I’m not gonna be a princess if I don’t, you know what I mean.’

She then said ‘[Disney] really could’ make a difference by introducing a queer or genderfluid character.

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