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Cardi B defends fiancé Offset amidst homophobic lyric backlash

Cardi B defends fiancé Offset amidst homophobic lyric backlash

Cardi B

Cardi B just defended her fiancé Offset and the homophobic lyrics in his song Boss Life.

Offset, who is a member of hip hop group Migos, says in the song: ‘I cannot vibe with queers.’

After huge backlash, Offset issued an apology. He said the term queer means ‘odd’ or ‘strange’ and so it was not an attack on the LGBTI community.

His apology read: ‘I didn’t write the line about gay people. I have said before since these issues before that I got love for all people.

He added: ‘I M S O R R Y. I A P O L O G I Z E. I’m offended I offended anybody.’

‘Why don’t you educate people?’

And now Cardi B took to Periscope to defend her man.

In a video, she claims Offset didn’t know the term queer has derogatory connections with the LGBTI community. She urged people to educate her fiancé rather than call him homophobic.

She said: ‘What is the point of you trying to argue and not educate?’

Cardi B likened it to a controversy two years ago when she used the word ‘tranny’ and there was a public backlash.

She said: ‘Why don’t you educate people? Why is it that you gotta bash them and label them something they (sic) not?’

Watch the full video:

Lesbian singer Hayley Kiyoko questioned his apology statement.

She said: ‘The fact that the apology start with “queer” meaning “lame” “strange” or “odd” is a problem in itself.’

Gay artist MNEK also responded to the lyrics.

His entire thread reads: ‘Cardi, get your fiancée. Offset saying he doesn’t vibe with queers while constantly wearing and PARADING clothes by gay designers is the REAL gag.