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Cardinals have a ‘kiki’ to pick new pope

Satirical website 'exposes' how the Vatican picks the next pope, and it's in a very gay way

Cardinals have a ‘kiki’ to pick new pope

What exactly do the cardinals get up to when they pick the new pope?

Well, one satirical website has an idea. Maybe they lock the doors, lower the blinds, fire up the smoke machine and put on their heels as they listen to Scissor Sisters’ gay anthem ‘Let’s Have A Kiki’.

In the video, the cardinals must choose between the homophobe, the pedophile or the sexist one.

Like in real life, two-thirds have to come to an agreement before the new pope is elected. It is only then the white smoke can be released.

The video is the work of ‘America’s best Christian’ Mrs Betty Bowers, a fictional character parodying extremist right-wing crazies in the US.

Viewer discretion is advised, as there is a swear in the lyrics. Check out the video below:

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