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Top Careers for Those Who Want to Work with Kids

Top Careers for Those Who Want to Work with Kids

A career with children

Do you enjoy spending time with kids and picture yourself making it into a career? Those who work with children can attest to the fact that it is some of the most rewarding work that you can do. So, if you’re thinking this may be a good route for you, you’ll want to take a look at these top careers that allow you to work with kids for a living.

Share a Love of Music and Become a Music Educator

When people think about working with kids, they often think about becoming a teacher, but did you know there are different subjects and topics you can focus on? If you happen to have a love and knack for all things music, why not share your passion with kids and teach them.

An online master of music in music education degree is an excellent first step in securing your career. The online MMME degree will give you a greater understanding of the music teaching and learning process. Learn about the K-12 music program used by teachers across the country.

Speech Language Pathologist – Help Children to Communicate Better

This is another career choice that will allow you to work with children and have a huge impact on their lives. As a speech language pathologist, you will be working to assess various issues, diagnose the child, and then offer treatment. Speech therapists focus on communication issues, as well as swallowing disorders.

Another great aspect about this position is that you can work at a clinic or you can open your own practice, giving you full control over your hours and the direction of your company. Keep in mind you will need your master’s degree for this career.

Pediatric Dentist – Give Them a Positive Experience at the Dentist

Where it used to be that kids just went to the same dentist as their parents, today there are dentists who specialize in pediatric patients. In this career, you will be treating children from infancy until they have finished their teenage years. You will be specially trained in all things that relate to dentistry in kids, including the steps of proper dental care.

For this position, you will most likely need to complete dental school as well as residency training.

Pediatric Registered Nurse – Ensure Kids Get the Care and Support They Need

Also in the medical industry is a pediatric registered nurse. As a pediatric nurse, your job will be to ensure kids get the medical care they need. You will also be providing a level of emotional support since visits to the clinic, hospital, or doctor’s office can be pretty stressful for a child. It is necessary to have your bachelor’s degree for this position.

Plenty of Avenues to Explore

Deciding that you want to make working with kids your career opens all kinds of unique and rewarding doors. It’s really just a matter of what area you are most passionate about and where you think you could offer the most impact in their lives.