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Carol Channing loves the idea of Johnny Depp playing her in a movie

Carol Channing loves the idea of Johnny Depp playing her in a movie

It’s long been rumored that Johnny Depp, currently in the mega-flop The Lone Ranger,  is interested in playing Carol Channing in a movie someday.

The would be just fine with the 92-year-old showbiz legend best known for her Tony-winning lead role in the musical Hello, Dolly!

‘Wouldn’t that be great?’ she tells ‘People say, "But he is a man," but it doesn’t surprise me at all. I can’t remember the last time one of my impersonators didn’t have a 5 o’clock shadow.’

Channing has seen some of many of her impersonators perform and admits that it sometimes leaves her feeling a little disturbed about herself.

‘It’s a huge compliment and I’m always honored, but it is hard to watch,’ she admits. ‘Every time I see someone impersonate me, I can’t help but think I must have a hormonal imbalance.’

The star still performs and continues to enjoy a massive gay following.

‘I am terribly grateful,’ she says. ‘I mean, gay men seem to always know who has talent before the rest of the public does, don’t you think? A stamp of approval from the gay community is almost a guarantee of success. Just ask Liza Minnelli, Bette Midler, or Cher.I think they would agree.’

‘In San Francisco, they made me their Queen,’ she adds. ‘They have a new Empress every year, but a Queen is for life. Isn’t that wonderful?’