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Carrie Fisher managed to see funny side of ex leaving her for a man

Carrie Fisher managed to see funny side of ex leaving her for a man

Carrie Fisher used her marriage to Bryan Lourd as material for her one-woman show Wishful Drinking.

Carrie Fisher got her best material from her personal life and that included the father of her daughter leaving her for another man.

Fisher, who died Tuesday (27 December) at the age of 60, had been with Hollywood agent Bryan Lourd for three years when he famously left her for another man.

‘He told me later that I had turned him gay . . . by taking codeine again,’ Fisher wrote in the memoir Wishful Drinking.

‘You know, I never read that warning on the label. I thought it said ‘heavy machinery,’ not homosexuality – turns out I could have been driving those tractors all along!’

Fisher and Lourd eventually became friends enough to co-parent their daughter, actress Billie Lourd.

‘Bryan’s a good man in lots of ways,’ Fisher told the Daily Mail in 2011 when performing the stage show of Wishful Drinking in London.

‘It took a while to adjust, but then we started going on vacations – Billie, me, Bryan and this guy he was seeing. That’s how much we loved her. I wanted Billie to see we could be friends, because I never had that with my own parents.’

Fisher’s parents were screen icon Debbie Reynolds and the late singer Eddie Fisher.

She was just 18-months-old in 1958 when her father abandoned the family to take up with a newly-widowed Elizabeth Taylor who he later married.

Eddie Fisher did not participate in the raising of Carrie or Todd Fisher, his son with Reynolds.

‘I’m glad I got Billie a good dad,’ Fisher said in the interview before adding ruefully: ‘He’s everything my father wasn’t – including gay!’

Daughter Billie, now one of the stars of TV’s Scream Queens, once asked her mother why she kept a photo of herself with the man Lourd left her for atop her piano.

‘I say, “Because it’s something I made it through.” It’s a failure I learnt from. Also, it’s funny,’ she said, chuckling. ‘Hollywood weirdness at its best.’

But it hurt Fisher who has previously been married to singer Paul Simon.

‘People ask if it lessens the blow that he left me for a man because it’s a rejection of my gender and so isn’t personal,’ Fisher recalled.

‘But I don’t care what people say – I was humiliated and betrayed and I believed I’d somehow messed up. I don’t know if I believed I made him gay, but I’d failed and that’s all that really counts.’

Lourd married longtime partner Bruce Bozzi earlier this year.