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Cartoon Network show Teen Titans Go praised for 'gay love scene'

New scene featured the three male main characters falling in love with each other

Cartoon Network show Teen Titans Go praised for 'gay love scene'
Cartoon Network
Teen Titans Go featured a 'gay love scene' between three male characters

Cartoon Network show Teen Titans Go! is being praised for a ‘gay love scene’ between the three main male characters.

In a recent episode, it featured Robin (of Batman), Cyborg and Beast Boy trying to talk to Cupid and ‘fix them’.

In a short clip posted on Twitter, it features the three male characters fall in love with each other.


Robin, for example, loves Cyborg’s ‘big strong arms’ while the latter says, ‘Who would want to leave with all these good-looking guys around?’

‘What a time to be gay lol,’ the comment read. ‘Homosexuality in cartoons. Slay!’

While there were negative responses, such as people being shocked that Cartoon Network allowed that and condemned it for ‘pushing an agenda’, the majority were positive about the show featuring a young team of DC superheroes.

It’s not the first time the show has featured same-sex love before. While all the characters appear to be predominantly heteromantic, there has even been a same-sex kiss.

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