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Cash plea for gay Iraqis at risk of being killed

Cash plea for gay Iraqis at risk of being killed

LGBT campaign group AllOut and the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) have made an emergency appeal for cash to save the lives of gay Iraqis.

The organizations say they want to help 30 Iraqis ‘marked for death’ because they are ‘perceived to be gay’.

But they say IRAP needs $65,000 (€49,000) to charter transport vans and open up safe houses.

AllOut has changed the names of the victims to help protect their identity. But in a campaign email today (1 May) they highlight the case of ‘Yousif’ who they say has survived but only after having his skull smashed with a pipe.

They say ‘Naseer’ is being blackmailed for his sexual orientation in the wake of having been assaulted and raped by the Iraqi police in Baghdad and now needs to flee the city.

Naseer's blackmailer has threatened to send a picture of him with another man to family and friends meaning that he fears his family or the militia will murder him in a so-called ‘honor killing’.

They also highlight the case of ‘Rasul’ from the Sunni neighborhood of Dora in Baghdad that is only slightly safer than other neighborhoods in the city.

Rasul lives at his boyfriend’s house, which he is too scared to leave because of the violent threats against gay men in Iraq – and his brothers’ threats to kill him for being gay.

AllOut usually work on email campaigns and petitions and don’t normally ask for money but this time they have appealed for supporters to donate via their website.

The appeal comes after reports in March, published by GSN, of large numbers of LGBT young people in Iraq, as well as those who dress differently or appear to be into emo music, being killed by militia gangs.