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Cat cafes are taking over Europe!

Cat cafes are taking over Europe!

There’s an adorable trend from Taiwan (not Japan!) that’s been sweeping over Europe: Cats, coffee and cake, all in one. Beautiful!

Finding it very difficult to avoid feline puns, we combed through a selection of Europe’s most popular cat cafes for some do’s and don’ts. We were unable to visit, as many have waiting lists up to two months! But don’t let that deter you from getting some face time with these furry friendlies.

When visiting your cat café, there’s no need to worry about hygiene – it is unlikely to find cat hair in your food as meals are typically prepared in a cat-free zone, and petting the felines won´t give you typhus.

Before approaching the cats, costumers are asked to disinfect their hands with provided hand sanitizer.

Remember, the cats are the owners of the café and you are the visitor. Follow the provided cafe guideline on how to treat the felines.

A chart explaining each cat’s character and what his or her physical expressions mean is included on the food menu and should be read.

Also, a good cat café will provide a space for the kitties to back out if they want their peace and provide plenty of cat furniture, scratch trees and other toys.

Ready to obsess over animals that will only grace you with their affection should you hold treats in your hand? Us too! Let’s take a look at the cat-nip craze taking over Europe.

Budapest, Hungary

The Cat Café Budapest opened in February 2013, following its Viennese neighbor’s example. The café currently hosts 15 kitties of all kind, and on top of that it offers cat-themed beverages and snacks such as cat-puccinos and cat cupcakes.

Though the food comes to the café by third-party, the beverages are freshly prepared and the cats are fluffy. Nothing to complain about.

Revay utca 3‬, ‪1065 Budapest‬, Hungary‬‬
0036 20 617 3301

Vienna, Austria

The Café Neko was first of its kind in Europe. It offers fresh cakes, Japanese treats and fruit juices from local farmers.

It is pricier than usual coffee shops in Vienna, but there are cats.

As the space is smaller than the Cat Café Budapest, the café currently only hosts five kitties. But this is not a minus point: The place is more intimate and you quickly get a grip of the cat’s names.

All kitties in this one are adopted from the same animal shelter, there are even brothers among them.

Now and then the cafe hosts exhibitions featuring cat-inspired works of art by people such as the Mexican artist Mónica Padilla.

Blumenstockgasse 5, 1010 Vienna, Austria
+43 1 5121466

London, United Kingdom

If you want to see some London cats, you will have to be patient.

Even though Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium just launched during Easter, the café is already booked out until October 2014. After all, with 35k likes on Facebook, the eleven cats of Dinah´s are probably the most popular cats in the UK!

But felines are not only the reason to visit. A speciality served in the British kitty heaven is the so-called cronut, a crossbreed of doughnut and croissant, which is not easily found elsewhere in London.

Booking fee is £5 (€6, $8) and you will need to book in advance.

152-154 Bethnal Green Road, London, United Kingdom