Why it can be hard to make friends with other bisexuals

Bi activist Lewis Oakley explains how to make other bi friends and what can go wrong.

It’s time to lift the lid on what’s really happening in bisexual people’s lives

We must all pull together and help the cause – by taking part.

How to be bisexual and happy

Bi activist Lewis Oakley offers some ways you can better fit your bisexuality into your life.

Yes, I’m bisexual – and this concerns you how?

Comedian/writer Abigoliah Schamaun hasn’t stopped fancying women just because she’s in a relationship with a man – but she is bored of the ‘bisexual quiz’

‘Bearded lady’ Harnaam Kaur: ‘I don’t give a sh*t about gender stereotypes’

Pansexual activist on giving a speech at New York Pride and bringing visibility to PCOS, a condition affecting cis women and trans men

Megan Barton-Hanson
Love Island star Megan Barton-Hanson on her first time with a woman

Bisexual model had a threesome with a couple: ‘I’d never gone down on a girl, so it was good to have him there’

Russian activist Yelena Grigoryeva
Bisexual Russian LGBTI activist stabbed 7 times after named on ‘Saw’ website

Friends described her as ‘caring’ with a ‘real drive for social justice’

Tom Hanks plays late TV host Mr. Rogers in upcoming biopic
First look at biopic on ‘bisexual icon’ Mr. Rogers starring Tom Hanks

But will the movie address his fluid sexuality?

Is bisexual culture being made on Twitter?
How bisexual culture is being made on and shaped by Twitter

Despite rampant biphobia (both casual and deliberate), Twitter is shaping how we think of #BiCulture

An impersonator for Romantic author Lord Byron raised a rainbow flag at the poet's ancestral home in Nottinghamshire
Newstead Abbey flies Pride flag in honor of bisexual poet Lord Byron

Newstead Abbey in Nottinghamshire is the ancestral home of Romantic poet George Gordon Byron, whose queer love affairs were legendary

Sam Plant, who is bi, with his sister's dog during Edinburgh Pride 2019 | Picture: Instagram (@samplant.mp3)
Bi guy gets biphobia on Tinder but then a major plot twist happens

‘Why would my sexuality matter?’ Sam Plant fired back

If we want realistic bisexuals on screen, let’s start with the closeted ones

OPINION: About 90% of bi men are closeted, so why not be realistic when depicting them?

Survivors of Chechnya's homophobic purge reveal what happened to them | Photo: Dave Frankel
Bi man tortured after finding video evidence of Chechnya anti-LGBTI purge

EXCLUSIVE: This bi man is now terrified of being deported back to Russia, where he fears he will be killed

Bianca Devins, a murdered queer teen from New York
Police reveal details of Bianca Devins, a queer teen brutally murdered in New York

‘She will always be remembered as our Princess,’ Devins’ family said in a statement

Bianca, bi-asexual, was brutally decapitated by a man in Utica, New York | Picture: Instagram
Queer teen murdered, partially decapitated in New York

Bianca Devins was just 17 when she was killed in Utica, New York

Janelle Monae and Donald Trump
Janelle Monae calls for ‘idiot racist’ Donald Trump’s impeachment

Pansexual singer attacked the US President after he suggested four congresswomen of color went ‘back to their countries’

Bisexual Health Summit hopes to spark a conversation about bi+ health issues
This is why we need a Bisexual Health Summit, say bi+ activists

Very first Bisexual Health Summit tackled mental health, discrimination, violence and substance abuse in relation to bisexuality

Lewis Oakley wears a bisexual t-shirt at Pride in London | Photo: Supplied
Gay men were biphobic at Pride: this needs to stop

Why is biphobia happening at a Pride event, of all places?

Sprinter Dutee Chand is official the fastest woman in India. (Photo: Twitter)
Bisexual sprinter silences critics with record-breaking win

‘Pull me down, I will come back stronger!’ Dutee Chand, who has faced a backlash since coming out as bisexual last month, wrote on Twitter

Janelle Monae
Janelle Monae wishes her mom had bought her a vibrator at a young age

‘I could have saved myself from so many poor decisions,’ pansexual singer says

A statue dedicated to The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson in Copenhagen, Denmark
Reminder: The Little Mermaid was a love letter to the author’s gay crush

The original story of The Little Mermaid was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s failed attempt to woo a straight man, Edvard Collin

Lewis Oakley is fighting for bi visibility | Photo: Supplied
Bisexual men are often made to feel like they’re not bi enough

Lewis Oakley is here with some tips if you feel like you’re not ‘bisexual’ enough for the world

Iain Lee in the jungle
Comedian Iain Lee comes out as bisexual

‘This is me coming out, I suppose is how they would call it’

Model Tess Holliday
Model and body-positive activist Tess Holliday comes out as pansexual

She added she now feels a sense of ‘relief’

Valedictorian comes out as bi in grad speech, crowd gives standing ovation

He wants to inspire others to live out and proud

Vans Frida Kahlo collection of shoes
Vans is releasing a Frida Kahlo-inspired line of sneakers

Last year, the skate shoe company released a line of Van Gogh-inspired sneakers

Libby Baxter-Williams is launching a club night specifically for bisexual people in London
50 years after Stonewall, queers spaces are still not safe for all of us

Stonewall 50: Libby Baxter-Williams, co-promoter of a bisexual bar night, says the LGBTI scene isn’t as welcoming to bisexual and trans individuals