Bisexual characters across TV shows
The ultimate guide to the most significant bisexual+ TV characters

From How To Get Away With Murder to Scrubs

Two bi people discuss the impact biphobia has had on their 'straight' relationship
WATCH: Bi people reveal the impact biphobia has on their relationships

Lewis and Daisy have both had their identities erased because of who they are dating

Amy and her husband. Amy speaks about the impact bi erasure has had on her marriage.
This is the impact biphobia had on my opposite-sex relationship

Amy has lost count of the number of times she’s come out to a friend as bi only to have them remind her she’s married

Bisexual flag
Bisexual teen commits suicide after school bullying

Sister writes a heartfelt post: ‘Words can kill a person’

A guide on how to come out to your kids from a bi+ Jewish trans parent

‘Lead with love and children will respond with love’

Bisexual porn star reveals the differences between gay and straight porn

Porn actor Chris Zeischegg reveals pay differences, the pressure to get and stay hard, and the stigma of being bi in the industry

Bisexual stripper writes heartfelt poem about his sexuality

The very literal poem tells the story of one afternoon when GK’s daughter and her new boyfriend came to visit

Marcus Morgan, the bisexual magician
This magician is trying to find the perfect trick to explain bisexuality to people

Marcus Morgan wants to baffle people with his magic, make them laugh and also teach them a thing or two

Mae Desmond and the painting which helped her come out as bisexual
This bisexual painter used her artwork to come out

Mae Desmond had been struggling to come out for over a decade but finally had to

Tania Israel, researcher into bi issues, explores how gay community can change
Gay and lesbian people make bisexual lives worse

Heterosexual privilege for bi people doesn’t exist

Model Reece King confirms he is bisexual | Photo: Instagram
Bisexual model comes out because you should be ‘unapologetically you’

Instagram famous and popular model Reece King is fed up rumors, and now says ‘yeah, I am bisexual’

Two bisexual women at Brighton Pride party bisexual float
Why hasn’t Pride in London ever had a bisexual float?

‘It’s shocking in the 46-year history of Pride in London, there has never been a bi community float in the parade’

Charlize Theron in the trailer for Tully
Charlize Theron stars as bi mom in upcoming comedy drama Tully

We can’t wait to have Charlize Theron and Mackenzie Davis together on our screens

Ethan Stables accused of terrorist attack at UK Pride event
Terror suspect accused of plotting to kill at Pride event comes out as bi during trial

Prosecutors have described him as a ‘white supremacist’ with a ‘deep-seated hatred’ of gay people.

A cowboy told me bisexual people are the reason everyone has AIDS

Then he said, ‘I’d get checked, if I were you. Hard to tell if you’ve already done some damage.’

Jenifer Toksvig, Question Thirteen
Question 13, the bisexual ‘solo conversation-musical’ you need to see

Jenifer Toksvig will also offer you a chocolate if that helps you make up your mind

Ruby Tandoh
Ruby Tandoh opens up about her bisexuality in new interview

Great British Bake Off star on how she was able to become ‘openly, vulnerably queer’

Can you guess if someone is bi, just from looking at them? | Photo: National Student Pride
Can you guess if these people are bisexual – just by looking at them?

That’s the challenge of this video, but how many can you guess correctly?

Manchester-based Jen Yockney
This is what it was like to attend a bi group 23 years ago

Jen Yockey says the need for ‘a human face and connection for support and advice’ will never change

These signs will help you figure out if you are bisexual

Here are some tips from an openly bi person on figuring out if you’re bi

This is how one guy discovered his bisexuality by giving oral sex to a man (with his wife)
This is how bi men and ‘masc’ gay men can both get over bottom shame

This is how one guy discovered his bisexuality by giving oral sex to a man (in a threesome with his wife)

The Bi+ Manifesto

Stand by your bisexual, pansexual and queer friends

A performer at Miami's Counter Corner
WATCH: Bisexual journalist explores Miami’s drag scene and learns what it means to ‘keep Miami queer’

‘I discovered that there’s so much more than meets the eye regarding Miami’s queer/lgbt/gay scene’

Profile portrait of Virginia Woolf
6 amazing facts about the bisexual author Virginia Woolf

Today is the literary figure’s birthday

Anya Crittenton
Stop assuming I’m straight just because I’m femme and like lipstick

How to belong when you don’t feel like you fit in (and vice versa)

Bi Flag in a heart shape
Bisexual guys talk about the moment they realized they were ‘a lil queer’

When did you realize you were also interested in men?

Daisy thanks Joan Jett for helping her realize she's bi
These young people explained the moment they realized they were bisexual

‘I didn’t realize for a long time actually. The heteronormativity was strong with this one.’

Bisexual marchers make their mark at San Francisco Pride
This is what bisexual people want you to know about their sexuality

‘It’s not about being greedy or selfish, it’s about liking both the river and the sea’

Melanie today celebrates reaching 500k subscribers
15 pictures of bisexual YouTube goddess Melanie Murphy

Try and get through all these pictures without falling in love with her