Lewis Oakley at UK Black Pride | Photo: @lewyoaks / Twitter
Is this the reason why bisexual people have yet to form a community?

Considering bisexual people make up the majority of LGBTI people, why is there no ‘bi community’?

Amazin LeThi is fighting LGBTI homelessness | Photo: Supplied
Amazin LeThi: Coming out as a rainbow Asian athlete changed my life

Coming out in a sexist, homophobic and racist world is a very hard thing to do

orgasm Screenshot from new website, Why Not Bi?
Straight and bisexual men more likely to orgasm every time they have sex

Only 18% of bisexual women climax when having sex with a partner

Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne in a black and white photo. they are sitting on a black leather couch embracing each other
Cara Delevingne and girlfriend Ashley Benson shut down homophobic troll

‘Maybe get a hobby that doesn’t involved being homophobic and hating others for being happy’

Sex robot Ken
Sex robot brothel to open in Japan as more men seek bisexual threesomes

Several clients ‘request an appointment with male dolls and female dolls at the same time,’ LumiDolls boss explained

Kawaski Trawick
Black bisexual man killed by police in his own apartment

NYPD officer shot the man in the chest following a confrontation in his flat

Cara Delevingne
Cara Delevingne to be honored by the Trevor Project in June

The organization is awarding her for her long-term advocacy

orgasm Screenshot from new website, Why Not Bi?
Bisexuals will be the invisible victims in the imminent UK porn block

In his weekly opinion piece, Lewis Oakley takes on the UK government’s plans to implement a porn block

Bisexual rep in the Pride in London parade
Bisexual people in opposite sex relationships have poor mental health

Study results ‘prove’ more work needs to be done to improve the mental health of bisexual people

Two women hugging at Pride.
Bisexuals are on the rise in the US — and it’s due to young women of color

Women, college-educated people, people of color, and atheists are more likely to be bisexual

Esther McGregor, daughter of Ewan McGregor
Ewan McGregor’s daughters come out as bisexual while criticizing Coachella

Coachella owner Philip Anschutz has supported anti-LGBTI groups

a woman in lingerie on a bed with long purple hair and purple bunny ears
More than 60% of porn stars identify as bisexual or pansexual

More and more adult entertainers identify as LGBTI

Andy Mientus
Bisexual actor Andy Mientus to star in LGBTI musical The View Upstairs

It takes place in a 70s gay bar in New Orleans

Lewis Oakley is fighting for bi visibility | Photo: Supplied
Bisexual role models are needed to fight isolation and loneliness

In the first weekly opinion piece, Lewis Oakley reveals why bi people are struggling in comparison to gay and straight people

Bella Thorne taking a mirror selfie with boyfriend Mod Sun.
Bisexual actress Bella Thorne splits from Mod Sun after row at Coachella

Perez Hilton hopes for a reconciliation between Bella and Tana Mongeau, who also attended the festival

Natalie Morales plays the titular role in new NBC's sitcom Abby's.
Abby’s low-key coming out is a win for the bisexual community

Natalie Morales plays a bisexual veteran of Cuban descent in new sitcom airing on NBC

Janelle Monáe
Janelle Monáe reveals she was ‘terrified’ to come out as queer

‘It was my fear of what people were gonna say,’ she told them

Queer women at pride in Brazil
Seven things gay and lesbian people should stop telling bisexuals

OPINION: Bisexuals can feel like they don’t belong in the community and these remarks only make it worse

Kristen Stewart
Here’s your first look at Kristen Stewart in the Charlie’s Angels reboot

Stewart isn’t the first bisexual actress to play an Angel

a collage of 6 photos of people
Meet these LGBTI geniuses of science and engineering who are shaping our future

From coffee robots to atomic wizards, LGBTI people are doing amazing work in STEM

Natalie Morales as Abby
Natalie Morales talks playing the first bisexual lead on a network sitcom

And she’s the first Cuban woman to headline a show

Lilly Singh
Lilly Singh puts bisexual, feminist spin to Bollywood bops in new video

Bisexual YouTube star showcases her rhymes tackling body positivity, consent and sexuality

Cara Delevingne
Cara Delevingne gets candid about sex and being ‘more dominant’ with women

Bisexual model also weighs in on Disney debate, says having a queer character could make a difference

Angelina Jolie and Sersi in The Eternals comic.
Angelina Jolie in talks to debut as superhero in Marvel’s The Eternals

Fans think the bisexual actress will play the immortal Sersi

Actor Tommy Martinez posing for a shirtless selfie
Tommy Martinez on new role: There’s no ‘f**king problem’ with bisexuality

He has a special message about why representation matters

A bisexual Pride parade in 2018 - 2019 had been heralded the year of 20-bi-teen
Nearly half of all bisexual youth in the US have seriously considered suicide

They also reported being bullied more than their peers

Natasha McCracken and her boyfriend hugging.
Bisexuals in straight-looking relationships: ‘I haven’t chosen a side’

Is appearing to be straight really a ‘privilege’?