Tony Abbott, former prime minister of Australia.
UK Health Secretary wears LGBT+ pin as he defends ‘homophobic misogynist’ Tony Abbott

Matt Hancock’s comments come as the UK Government plans to appoint former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott as post-Brexit trade envoy.

lgbti people demand a peoples vote on brexit
UK citizens will have less human rights after Brexit

‘There is a very real risk that after Brexit the rights of UK citizens will be less protected’

Elton John has announced he is retiring | Photo: Instagram @EltonJohn
Elton John says he’s ‘sick to death’ of Brexit and British politicians

Rocketman singer also says the UK’s current political scenario has made him ashamed to be British

Boris Johnson's LGBTI rights voting
Boris Johnson would be the worst PM for LGBTI Britons

As Prime Minister Theresa May leaves, a vicious contest for her successor begins

Drag Theresa May and her 'pals' watching Eurovision.
Drag Theresa May is hosting a Brexit Eurovision Party and it’s glorious

Prime Minister has a crucial message for younger voters ahead of the European elections

Homoseuxal acts are wrong ann widdecombe
Anti-Brexit campaigners take down billboard with homophobic quote

It features a quote from Ann Widdecombe, who is running for The Brexit Party in the European elections

Nigel Farage far right parties uk brexit
LGBTI people must vote in the European elections to stop the far-right

Our lives and the progress we have made is at threat

My straight friend’s clap-back to homophobic slurs on our photo was perfect

OPINION: From calling us ‘fag leftard remoaning c**ts’ to apologizing – politicians could learn from this conversation

lgbti people demand a peoples vote on brexit
A million march the streets of London to demand a People’s Vote on Brexit

LGBTI people joined the historic march, demanding the government let the public decide the fate of the country

People's Vote march, 20 October 2018
These LGBTI people demand a second referendum on Brexit and here’s why

Protesters are going to take to the streets and march for a People’s Vote

Lloyd Russell-Moyle assaulted in the streets by a Brexit voter
Gay British MP attacked in the streets by angry Brexit voter

A Labour MP was murdered by a Brexit fanatic just three years ago

Stephen Fry opens up about prostate cancer struggle
Comedian Stephen Fry wants a People’s Vote on Brexit

‘What a humiliation, what an embarrassment for our country’

Tris Reid-Smith [right] and Scott Nunn of Gay Star News | Photo: Jamie Wareham
Think being LGBTI has nothing to do with Brexit? Think again

A new report shows LGBTI people have a lot to lose if Brexit happens

Michael Cashman
‘Brexit is an act of incredible national negligence’

It is the gravest crisis this country has faced since 1940

LGBT+ for a People's Vote at the 700,000 strong march in London
71% of LGBT voters would choose Remain in a second Brexit referendum

In the event of a second public vote on whether to leave the EU, LGBT voters could make a difference

Brexit might be the end of LGBTI protection, human rights lawyer warns

Helena Kennedy explained the effects of the withdrawal from the EU for gay, bi, lesbian and trans people

Tris Reid-Smith [right] and Scott Nunn of Gay Star News | Photo: Jamie Wareham
As MPs vote on May’s Brexit deal, why 72% of LGBTIs in Britain want a People’s Vote

OPINION: ‘LGBTIs have something extra to lose – our hard-won rights’ argues GSN Editor-in-Chief Tris Reid-Smith, in speech delivered in London tonight

Kate McKinnon as British Prime Minister Theresa May.
Kate McKinnon impersonates Theresa May in hilarious SNL Brexit sketch

Watch the lesbian comedienne hosting talk show Happy Christmas, Britain with Matt Damon as former PM David Cameron

Justine Greening, MP
Conservative MP slams Prime Minister Theresa May in Parliament

‘She now isn’t just listening, she’s not allowing debate. This is totally unacceptable,’ says former UK Cabinet Minister Justine Greening of Theresa May

Justine Greening on Question Time in 2017
LGBTI MP Justine Greening suggests there could be a second Brexit vote

The former government minister says this might happen if parliament defeats Theresa May’s Brexit deal on 11 December

Elsie Greenwood wants to have her say on Brexit via a People's Vote
Too young to vote in the Brexit referendum – now I want a People’s Vote

OPINION: Elsie Greenwood is a bisexual student in Edinburgh who believes Brexit will be bad for the whole of the UK – and especially LGBTI people

LGBTI rights voting record
Where do Theresa May’s rivals for Prime Minister stand on LGBTI issues?

The most hard-line Brexiteers have the worst history with LGBTI rights

LGBT+ for a People's Vote at the 700,000 strong march in London
LGBTIs have the power to get a People’s Vote and stop Brexit

Theresa May’s government is in meltdown over a Brexit deal nobody wants – and which is bad for LGBTI rights

Outed gay brexit whistleblower
Lobby group admits it illegally fired outed gay Brexit whistleblower

Shahmir Sanni was outed after revealing overspending by Vote Leave

Bears Against Brexit want you to show up at the People’s Vote march

Calling all bears: emerge from your den and show your fur this Saturday

Anti-Brexit protestors hold up the letters EU during a march outside the UK Parliament.
Join LGBTIs and allies at the national People’s Vote march

As a no-deal Brexit might put LGBTI rights at stake, it is time to take to the streets

Letter demanding a Peoples Vote Brexit-
164 LGBTI activists sign letter to PM demanding a People’s Vote on Brexit

The loudest Brexiteers have the worst voting record for LGBTI rights – it’s time for us to be louder

Majority of LGBTI people support a People's Vote
A massive majority of LGBTI people want a People’s Vote

Support to stay in the European Union has significantly increased in the community

Marcus Hunter Neil as Lady Portia Di' Monte
Drag queen spells out the problems of Brexit for Northern Ireland

The potential return of a hard border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland concerns many: Brexit is ‘like an American Horror Story’

Sad Brexit travel crisis
Are LGBTI breaks under threat? How Brexit will affect your holiday

A no-deal Brexit will make your European adventures a lot more difficult