A 'no deal' or hard Brexit will have an impact on pharmaceuticals and may disrupt supply, warn experts
Fears over HIV drugs in event of ‘no deal’ Brexit

Healthcare advocates highlight concerns over slower access to the newest HIV drugs when the UK leaves the European Union next year

Gay Star News co-founders Scott Nunn and Tris Reid-Smith marching for a People's Vote.
Brexit will be a disaster for LGBTI people – we demand a People’s Vote

Gay Star News Editor-in-Chief: Brexit has turned homophobic and transphobic and so we are supporting a People’s Vote

Brighton Pride goers sign the petition for a People's Vote on Brexit.
Why pretty much everyone at Pride wanted a People’s Vote on Brexit

Brexit has opened ugly divisions in society. But the fight to overturn it isn’t over and we can win a People’s Vote to stop it

Two men holding hands at the street light
Police warn ‘real possibility’ of increase in LGBTI hate crime due to Brexit

New report finds ‘significant problems’ in police addressing hate crime in the UK

Justine Greening, Conservative MP for Putney, London, is one of the more high-profile LGBTI MPs in the UK Parliament
This is why a gay MP is calling for another referendum on Brexit

Brexit could have a negative impact on LGBTI rights

Anti-Brexit protestors hold up the letters EU during a march outside the UK Parliament.
This is why people must use Pride in London to fight against Brexit

Pride is a political event, Labour peer Michael Cashman writes, so as LGBTI people we need to be using tomorrow to fight against Brexit

Drag Theresa May cabaret will show London what a hard Brexit looks like

This is definitely the naughtiest thing the UK (drag) Prime Minister ever did

LGBTI choirs sing for our rights outside the Brexit debate.
Will Brexit mean no LGBT rights protections? You can still decide

The EU Charter is the only international human rights law to include sexual orientation, and the UK is about to lose it

LGBTI choir performs opposite UK parliament ahead of Brexit vote

The super choir sang This Is Me from the soundtrack of The Greatest Showman

A Remain campaigner holds up a crying emoji in a circle of EU stars at a protest.
LGBTI people need to know Brexit will put our rights at risk

Today GSN publishes a report showing that leaving the EU will endanger the rights of UK LGBTI people

Anti-Brexit protestors hold up the letters EU during a march outside the UK Parliament.
This is how Brexit could hurt you as an LGBTI person in the UK

GSN releases major report, Brexit: The LGBT Impact Assessment, showing we are much more vulnerable if we leave the EU.

Shahmir Sunni was a volunteer for Be Leave, an unofficial pro-Brexit campaign group | Photo: Instagram
Gay Brexit whistleblower: I’ll sue the UK for outing me

Shahmir Sanni: Being outed is ‘a form of abuse’ the UK Government has no right to force anyone through

The gay men who blew the whistle on the campaigns that 'cheated' allowing Trump and Brexit to win | Photo: Jamie Wareham – Gay Star News
Trump and Brexit gay whistleblowers call for second Brexit referendum

They believe their actions were pivotal in the Trump and Brexit votes – and now democracy is under threat

Brexit campaigner Shamir Sanni was outed by by a UK Government statement | Photo: Twitter
Brexit whistleblower: ‘UK stripped me of my right to come out to my mom’

EXCLUSIVE: Shahmir Sanni tells GSN the Government statement stripped him of the most important conversation any son can have with their mother

Darren Grimes is the openly gay pro Brexit campaigner that was a student at the time of the campaign
Gay student is being investigated for £625,000 mystery pro-Brexit spend

The Electoral Commission is re-opening an investigation into whether Vote Leave breached campaign finance rules

postal survey yes australia same-sexmarriage
Bigger than Brexit: 77% of Aussies have voted so far in same-sex marriage survey

There’s only a few days left to get your vote back

french gay actor adam beghiat on being a EU national in brexit britain
French gay actor terrified his life will be ruined when Brexit happens

Ahead of the UK’s key Brexit legislation vote Gay Star News speaks to Adam Benghiat about fearing Britain leaving the EU

Caroline Dinenage says better sex ed is coming soon.
UK Equalities Minister: LGBTI people will be protected after Brexit

Exclusive: Caroline Dinenage pledges better sex ed for LGBTI students

Elton John on the cover of this year’s album Wonderful Crazy Night
Elton on Brexit fallout: ‘People have been OK about gay marriage and suddenly they’re not’

Rocket man singer adds that Trump election result was like ‘waiting to see if you’ve got cancer’

JK Rowling supports High Court judge
JK Rowling reacts perfectly to Daily Mail attacking Brexit judge for being ‘openly gay’

Daily Mail branded High Court judge today an ‘Enemy of the People’

Sir Terence Etherton mocked my Daily Mail for being 'openly gay'
Daily Mail attacks judge who blocked Brexit for being ‘openly gay’


A rainbow flag at the 2016 Pride Parade in Brighton
Homophobic hate crimes in the UK are spiking after Brexit vote

It’s feared the vote for Brexit is related to the sudden rise of the number hate crimes in the UK

Dr Liam Fox
Britain will deal with Brexit by trading with North Carolina

UK will boost trade with office in anti-trans state

I can no longer be a proud, gay British man because of Brexit

Britain leaving the European Union has damaged my friendships, Dan Beeson writes, and I feel ashamed

Drury Lane, Covent Garden, London.
Brexit hate chant: ‘First we’ll get the Poles out, then the gays’

London’s theatre district of Covent Garden rings to the sound of hate after UK Brexit vote

Pounded by the Pound is a heartwarming story of economic lovePounded by the Pound is a heartwarming story of economic love
There is a gay porn version of the Brexit vote, because of course there is

It’s called Pounded by the Pound: Turned Gay by the Socioeconomic Implications of Britain Leaving the European Union (and we’ve read it)

UKIP leader Nigel Farage.
The Daily Mail is now claiming gay marriage caused Brexit

Nigel Farage was delighted by same-sex marriage