GSN's Homes Editor Stefanie Gerdes
I’m a European living in the UK and Brexit broke my heart

‘Waking up to the news that Britain, the place I came to consider my “zu Hause,” my adopted home, voted to leave the European Union, felt like a slap to the face’

Cher has been a major star for more than 50 years.
Cher appears to back Brexit vote, and then immediately regrets it

Donald Trump also supports Britain leaving the European Union

Student Pride's Jamie Wareham and Hatti Smart with Charlie Craggs (right).
‘Brexit bad for trans rights, with dangerous Boris in charge,’ says young trans activist

Charlie Craggs tells UK students to vote to remain as leaving EU could make Boris Johnson the next prime minister

Nigel Farage is one of the most prominent figures supporting Leave.Eu.
Leave EU campaign tried to exploit Orlando in ‘shameful’ Brexit tweet

Anti-EU group’s now-deleted post claimed Britain would see ‘an Orlando-style attack’ unless Brexit happens

Since joining the EU in 1973, Britain has seen property prices rise by more than 2,000%.
Over half of UK homeowners think Brexit will affect house prices

Research shows most UK homeowners think leaving the EU will see house prices rise rather than, as predicted, fall