Hong Kong.
Anti-LGBT+ laws are stopping companies sending staff abroad to work

Anti-LGBT+ laws are a bigger barrier than concerns like healthcare and insurance.

Office workers.
LGBT+ employees still feel more lonely and less appreciated

‘Companies haven’t caught up with society.’

Jeremy Joseph with his dog Jacob at G-A-Y.
G-A-Y lets drinkers bring in McDonald’s and takeaways so they can open despite COVID rules

Owner Jeremy Joseph hits back at those mocking McDonalds by saying they are allowing a range of meals for a range of budgets.

A Starbucks decorated for Pride.
Christian barista claims Starbucks fired her for refusing to wear Pride t-shirt

She allegedly told co-workers that they ‘need Jesus’.

New York Stock Exchange.
There’s $20trillion of global LGBT+ wealth we could be leveraging to build a better world

Paul Thompson, director of LGBT Capital, says the LGBT+ and Black Lives Matter movements should push investors to an ethical future.

Trans Pride 2020 in London.
Disney, Google and Microsoft join over 130 companies demanding UK protects trans rights

Crowds demanded their rights at Trans Pride over the weekend.

Jenny Sheanon
Meet the UK’s first specialist transgender financial adviser

Jenny Sheanon spent most of her life hiding her trans identity – now she helps others who want to be themselves and achieve their goals.

Coronavirus forces Gran Canaria’s gay bar scene into second shutdown

‘If everybody had followed the rules and the law, this wouldn’t have had to happen.’

Trump in a MAGA cap.
Trump angry as Goodyear says yes to LGBT+ but no to MAGA hats

Black Lives Matter and LGBT+ Pride are in but political support is out.

Boris Johnson.
Disney, Sky and other top media firms tell UK government to stop attack on trans people

‘Increasing restrictions on trans people’s ability to live authentically benefits no one.’

Sign for Boystown in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Boystown: Petition demands Chicago’s world famous LGBT+ neighborhood changes its name

‘The Boystown nickname began in the 1990s as a joke’ but now ‘deters many LGBTQ people’.

Michael Clarke's Facebook image of a rainbow flag burning.
Facebook says threat to throw gay people to their deaths does not violate its standards

LGBT+ campaigners in Middle East and North Africa demand Facebook acts against endemic hate.

Surge in support for American LGBT+ people in the workplace

Americans name Anderson Cooper, Ellen DeGeneres and RuPaul as the most influential LGBT+ people.

The US Supreme Court.
US Supreme Court rules you can’t fire a worker because they are LGBT+

An historic day for LGBT+ rights which will impact the rights of millions of workers.

Jakub and Dawid Mycek-Kwiecinski in the Durex commercial.
Gay couple feature in TV commercial in a first for Poland

TV ad shows tender moment between LGBT+ campaigning YouTube couple.

UK Equalities Minister Liz Truss.
Trans campaigners ask employers to help them fight UK bathroom threat this Pride month

Ask your boss to be a true ally, not just wave a rainbow flag.

IKEA store.
Poland charges IKEA manager for firing worker who made anti-gay comments

The worker had used the Bible to claim that homosexuals deserve death.

Same-sex brides getting married.
Five years of same-sex weddings has generated $3.8billion for the US

293,000 couples have married since the Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal.

Balans on Old Compton Street, London.
Favorite LGBT+ restaurant chain Balans to sell all its London units

They are selling the whole chain – lock, stock and kitchen sink.

A dad teaches his trans son how to shave in a Gillette advert from 2019.
Seeing LGBT+ people in media really does change hearts and minds

And 85% of Americans say companies who include LGBT+ people in advertising are showing they are committed to all their consumers.

Amsterdam Pride.
Being LGBT+ friendly makes a city thousands of dollars better off per citizen

New research indicates LGBT+ inclusive cities will likely bounce back quicker from coronavirus recession. Find out how your city ranks.

Tokyo's Rainbow Pride Parade 2019.
Japanese companies work around marriage ban with partnership document

Japan is the only G7 country not to have same-sex marriage or civil unions.

The 2015 Global Rallycross Championship in Detroit.
Michigan’s auto industry turbo-boosts campaign to ban LGBT+ discrimination

Ford, Fiat Chrysler and General Motors back LGBT+ amendment to Civil Rights Act.

Rowena Howie in her Revival Retro London store.
People are paying it forward to save this amazing, LGBT+ owned boutique

LGBT+ small business owner Rowena Howie’s shop has brought old Hollywood glamor to her customers. Now they are helping Revival Retro survive coronavirus.

The James character in the Starbucks ad.
Starbucks to sell mermaid cookies to raise £100,000 for UK trans charity

Starbucks wins £1million of free advertising from Channel 4 for trans ad.

Millennium Bridge, Newcastle, England.
Here are the top 100 inclusive employers for LGBT+ people

Stonewall UK has named Newcastle City Council as the UK’s most inclusive employer as it publishes its top 100 list.

Colored shoes organised as a rainbow.
Should I use LGBT, LGBT+, LGBTQ, LGBTI, LGBTQIA or something else?

What all the letters mean and how you can be inclusive. Which do people prefer and which do most people use?

LA to become largest US city to formally include LGBTI-owned businesses

National LGBT Chamber of Commerce finds that LGBTI businesses generate almost $2.5 million in average revenue

Items in the Haus Laboratories cosmetics collection
Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories cosmetics now available for pre-order

The collection will be released on 17 September