LGBTI business states Massachusetts
Massachusetts ranked the number one state for LGBTI-inclusive businesses

Massachusetts ranks ahead of California and New York as the state with the best LGBTI-inclusive business climate in the US

Amazon Tennessee
Amazon opposes proposed anti-LGBTI rights legislation in Tennessee

Tech giant pushes for LGBTI rights as it plans to increase its presence in the state

Equality Virginia
Virginia LGBTI rights group launch employment equality awareness campaign

There are still no statewide housing or employment protections for LGBTI people in Virginia

LGBTI employees do better when they're out and proud
LGBTI employees who aren’t out at work suffer professionally

You could be underperforming at work by not being out

Two women lying on the gras together
LGBTI women are being left behind gay men in the gender pay gap

LGBTI women earn 25% less than LGBTI men

Thomas Lawson of Leap Confronting Confict wants more white CEOs to talk about tackling racism
Why white CEOs like me need to talk about ingrained racism

OPINION: Thomas Lawson says living with his black husband helped to open his eyes to his own privilege

Helicopter pilot Ayla Holdom was the first out trans person in the RAF talks about making your workplace more trans inclusive | Photo: My Genderation
Making your workplace trans inclusive is not hard. This is how to do it

A new film from the National LGBT Police Network made by trans people is here to show you how to make your office inclusive

gay lawyer
Being an out gay lawyer hasn’t been easy – but the profession is changing

After a report says over half of gay lawyers in the UK face homophobia – Simon Robinson from Five Paper Chambers writes about his experience

Em Sendall is one of the leaders of GLOBE, the LGBTI network at Deloitte.
‘Being authentic has transformed my career. It can do the same for you’

Em Sendall shares her experiences of GLOBE – Deloitte’s LGBTI network – her proudest moments as a member, and her reflections on how being authentic helped her get where she is today

The Panasonic stand at the CES2016 show in Las Vegas in January
Panasonic grapples with its LGBTI policy ahead of 1 April kickoff

Not all of Panasonic’s offices are adapting well to its policy shift to accommodate requirements of same-sex couples

Majority of lesbian individuals in Hong Kong will prioritise working in a LGBT-friendly

Survey also showed that majority have fear of discrimination by bosses and co-workers

Tom Guy is the founder of Student Pride and an architect.
Is this the start of the end for homophobia in the construction industry?

Two-thirds of people in construction have witnessed anti-gay prejudice

Anti same-sex marriage ad shows female professional strangled by rainbow noose

Organization which produced the ad is called out by netizens and politicians for its bigotry

A still from Pride
Trade unions still have an important role to play in fighting inequality

Ahead of Pride in London, Peter Purton, LGBT officer for the Trades Union Congress, explains why pride and solidarity are still needed today

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter.
US Military adds sexual orientation to its Equal Opportunity Policy

Announcement comes four years after repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ – but transgender service members can still be kicked out

The seals of the Government offices concerned
Do you work for the US Gov’t? A new guide tells LGBT federal employees their rights

‘We need all of our employees to be focused on making the most of their skills and their ingenuity, rather than worrying about losing their job.’

Equality Minister Aodhán Ó Ríordáin
Ireland to extend workplace protections for LGBT employees

The Government is set to examine employment laws which currently allow religious-run schools and hospitals to discriminate against those who they perceive as being counter to their ‘ethos’

A US soldier embraces his partner
Sexual orientation soon to become protected class in US military

Pentagon is updating its Military Equal Opportunity policy to cover gays, lesbians and bisexuals

Meet this year’s top 20 Australian employers for LGBTI workers

Australian LGBTI workplace inclusion group Pride In Diversity has announced the winners of its annual business awards and many industry leading companies and institutions are among the winners

Denver Airport
Airport security worker fired for groping male passengers he thought were cute

Two TSA colleagues colluded on a scam that would allow one male worker to pat down the crotch area of men who he found attractive

Female executive
Lesbians earn up to 33% more than straight women – but gay men face workplace drawbacks

A new study from Australia had identified big differences in the average earning power of gay men and lesbians when compared to their straight counterparts

Rainbow laces
Construction workers don rainbow laces to show support for gay colleagues

British campaigning group Stonewall has turned its attention towards improving attitudes within the construction industry

Same-sex wedding
Same-sex spouses included in US Family and Medical Leave Act

Do you need to care for a sick spouse? The revised act now allows eligible US employees to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specific family and medical reasons

China court hears first gay workplace discrimination lawsuit

Lawyer says the case ‘will definitely have an impact’ on LGBTI rights

Gay man told by boss to pay for sex with woman or lose his job

Boss told chef he needed to ‘prove’ he was straight

HRC takes action against Saks for defending anti-trans discrimination

Retailer claims the right to discriminate against transgender employees

Want to get paid the most at work? Be a lesbian

And, according to a new study, don’t be a gay guy

Nominate your business stars who are Out at Work

Out at Work Top 50 will reveal Britain’s rising LGBTI business heroes

Malaysia bank denies promoting gay practices

Muslim group calls for a boycott of AmBank over its ties with a gay-friendly US bank