New York Stock Exchange.
There’s $20trillion of global LGBT+ wealth we could be leveraging to build a better world

Paul Thompson, director of LGBT Capital, says the LGBT+ and Black Lives Matter movements should push investors to an ethical future.

Jenny Sheanon
Meet the UK’s first specialist transgender financial adviser

Jenny Sheanon spent most of her life hiding her trans identity – now she helps others who want to be themselves and achieve their goals.

Jakub and Dawid Mycek-Kwiecinski in the Durex commercial.
Gay couple feature in TV commercial in a first for Poland

TV ad shows tender moment between LGBT+ campaigning YouTube couple.

Items in the Haus Laboratories cosmetics collection
Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories cosmetics now available for pre-order

The collection will be released on 17 September

Numerous tech companies continue to donate to anti-LGBTI politicians
These tech companies continue to donate to anti-LGBTI politicians

These companies include Amazon, Google, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Dell, and AT&T

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis gay bar Cheers accused of antisemitism, faces eviction before even opening

The bar’s owner has faced two separate controversies this month, delaying the bar’s opening

Air Italy boeing 737-800.
Air Italy introduces non-binary gender option for passengers

It’s the first airline in mainland Europe to do so

Jonathan Van Ness sporting a rainbow mosaic mani. | Photo: Courtesy of Essie
Jonathan Van Ness becomes Essie’s first ‘non-female ambassador’

Queer Eye star has partnered with American nail polish brand for Pride month

Tinder launches sexual orientation feature
Tinder introduces sexual orientation feature to promote inclusivity

Users will be able to select up to three different sexual orientations they best identify with

Xbox launched new skins in honor of Pride month | Photo: Xbox/Twitter
Xbox launches Pride-themed skins for consoles and controllers

The reactions on Twitter to this collection are very mixed

Indya Moore
Indya Moore urges companies to support LGBTI people outside of Pride month

Pose star Indya Moore took to Twitter to discuss the harm an increasingly corporate version of Pride can do to the LGBTI community

Reebok's Pride footwear collection
Check out Reebok’s new Pride footwear collection

Like Converse and Adidas, Reebok is offering its own limited-edition Pride collection

War Paint: Makeup for Men
This company is marketing makeup for men and the internet is not having it

They claim male skin is ‘different’ from female skin, and thus men need their own manly brand of makeup

For the first time, Nielsen has begun including LGBTI households in their ratings
LGBTI households are now Nielsen Families and show very different viewing patterns

RuPaul’s Drag Race was ranked #3 among LGBTI households, while being #285 in the general population

The Chick-fil-A at San Jose's airport will be 'the gayest in the country'
San Jose votes to surround airport’s Chick-fil-A with Pride flags

Councilman Raul Peralez says it’ll be the ‘gayest Chick-fil-A in the country’

Flag for the city of Orlando, Florida
Orlando seeks to become the first city with a network of certified LGBTI businesses

The resolution ‘ensures that LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs in Orlando will have the opportunity to create jobs and develop innovations that benefit all who live in the most inclusive city in America’

Ralph Lauren same-sex ad
Ralph Lauren features same-sex couples in new ad campaign

Clothing retailer’s Spring campaign celebrates diversity in family and relationships

Legendary San Francisco trans nightclub to close down

Divas bar and nightclub will be holding a goodbye party before closing up shop at the end of March

The Taillor group, an intersectional BDSM collective, is being forced to move out of their Bed-Stuy neighborhood
Brooklyn BDSM dungeon owner accuses angry neighbor of ‘kink shaming’

‘She’s against everything we are, from queer to kink to sex-positive and body-positive’

Why is emo nostalgia so expensive under Late Capitalism?

The emo and pop-punk scene helped me embrace my bisexuality, but now the nostalgia is too pricey to afford

A Victoria's Secret store in Las Vegas
Failing to be inclusive, Victoria’s Secret to close dozens of stores

Many on social media are citing the brand’s exclusion of trans women and plus-size women in their ad campaigns and sizing as a reason for this decline

The Bum Bum Bar float in Pride 2008
Queens’ Bum Bum Bar closes down, leaving just three lesbian bars remaining in NYC

Bum Bum Bar in Jackson Heights closed unexpectedly late last year, leaving many to speculate on why

The city of Lusaka in Zambia
Zambia broadcasting agency censors gay content on popular reality show

In Zambia, the ‘practice and promotion’ of homosexuality ‘on TV or otherwise’ still remains illegal

A pair of panties from Carmen Liu's trans-inclusive GI Collection
This trans woman launched her own line of luxury lingerie especially for trans women

These panties have their own build-in ‘tucking’ mechanism to ensure comfort

The Edible Anus, made of Belgian chocolate
Still looking for a Valentine’s Day gift? Try these chocolate anuses

These edible anuses are made with pure Belgian chocolate

A person holds up dollar bills
LGBT people more likely to go into their overdraft and earn less

US survey also found LGBTQ communities also don’t trust the Trump administration to do anything to lower bank fees

Promotional image for LGBTI documentary Words
Amazon removes LGBTI documentary, claims it didn’t meet Prime’s ‘quality standard’

The documentary about LGBTI identity went up on Amazon Prime over a year ago

Gay dating app Blued has halted new member registration following juvenile HIV report
Gay dating app Blued shuts down registration following underage HIV report

Financial magazine Caixin released a report that showed juveniles involved on the app may have contracted HIV from unprotected sex