G'O Clock is a short film that follows a chemsex party where people use drugs and have sex | Photo: Mitch Marion
UK gay and bi men more likely to take drugs to enhance sexual experiences

New study shows gay men are 1.6 more likely than heterosexual men to use drugs when having sex

three naked men having sex, you can only see their faces
The Grass is Always Grindr: stripping away the bravado around gay sex

Featuring a closeted boxer, drag queen and a man who has trouble with intimacy

two men in skimpy flight attendant uniforms hand out condoms
New chemsex resource will help Thai men play safer

A new campaign has become a first on harm reduction strategies for those engaging in…

Methamphetamine, more commonly known as crystal meth, is a common chemsex or party'n'play drug
Chemsex drug dealer leading ‘Breaking Bad’ lifestyle jailed for 45 months

Andrew Hume formerly worked as a part-time cookery teacher but made thousands as a drug dealer on London’s chemsex scene

A man in rehab looks out of a window
What happens when you go into rehab?

Three gay men share their experiences of residential rehabilitation and recovery centers

A crystal meth rock
Crystal meth use is on the rise in Israel’s LGBTI community

It’s become the Chemsex drug of choice among Israel’s LGBTI community

The Chemsex Monologues follow four people with interconnecting stories on the high and horny scene | Photo: Patrick Cash / Dionysis Livanis
Feeling horny and sexy at Pride? We need to talk about chemsex too

OPINION: This pride season we need to talk about the gay and bi men getting high and horny – they deserve our compassion

Two gay porn stars kiss
Why we need to stop slut-shaming gay men who want condomless sex

OPINION: And those on PrEP shouldn’t shame those who prefer to rely on condoms, says sexual health advocate David Stuart

Synestra De Courcy, died aged just 23. Was her transition denied? | Photo: Facebook
Mom’s story: Why did you let chemsex kill my trans daughter?

Mystery surrounding Synesta De Courcy’s death continues as NHS denies her mom access to medical records again

Documentary parTyboi: black diamonds in ice castles looks at gay and bi black men using meth | Photo: Rice Creative
This is how white pimps are pushing meth onto gay black Americans

A new documentary exposes stories including the rent boy who found a client had secretly fed him meth during sex

G'O Clock is a short film that follows a chemsex party where people use drugs and have sex | Photo: Mitch Marion
The gay community has to get over its unhealthy addiction to drugs

Author Matthew Todd says the reason gay and bi men take part in chemsex, is the same reason as why so many are also homophobic

56 Dean Street is starting a chemsex first aid class G'O Clock is a short film that follows a chemsex party drugs | Photo: Mitch Marion
Sexual health service to hold first ever chemsex first aid class

With help on dealing with a friend’s overdose or mistakes when injecting drugs – and how you can set consent boundaries

david stuart chemsex lead at 56 den street Chemsex will define a period of our gay history
Drugs services need to adapt to rise of chemsex in gay community

A new study has documented a change in the types of drugs gay and bi men are using for sex and partying

A man looking lonely and depressed
Why high rents and loneliness are driving chemsex in London

EXCLUSIVE: Controversial study slammed as ‘racist’ for suggesting gay migrants to the city are turning to chemsex to alleviate feelings of loneliness

The photographer has a point to make with his chemsex series | Photo: Gay Star News
I was paid to photograph escorts doing chemsex

The photo shoot took place in a luxurious penthouse hotel with money, drugs and expensive fetish gear everywhere

A bag of crystal meth
Chemsex Grindr hookup planted indecent child images on gay lawyer’s computer

Gay lawyer with drug resistant HIV admitted having risky sex and hosting parties but court accepts anyone could have placed images on his MacBook

Grindr Serial killer Stephen Port and his four victims families
Met Police admits mistakes with gay rape and chemsex assault victims

A year on from Stephen Port being found guilty, the Met Police’s senior Chemsex lead says he believes some social drug supply should not be criminalized in rape cases

Health experts say more people need to be tested for hepatitis C
Health experts warn UK politicians that chemsex is leading to a rise in hepatitis C

They say gay men need a health promotion campaign similar to the ‘tombstone’ HIV adverts of the 1980s to raise awareness

Grindr Serial killer Stephen Port and his four victims families
You are now four times more likely to be a victim of an online hookup crime

UK Prison And Probation officer calls on Grindr and dating apps to do more

Porn star Kayden Gray speaking about being violently sexually attacked at a chemsex party
This porn star woke up from a drug overdose to find men f**king him

Exclusive: Kayden Gray bravely opens up to Gay Star News about his time having chemsex | CW: Violent sexual assualt

James Wharton talks about his rape and being victim shamed
Don’t shame rape victims who were high, they aren’t to blame

James Wharton talks about being raped after overdosing at a chemsex party in his flat

Can I report a rape if I was high at the time?
Can I report a rape if I was high on drugs at the time?

With chemsex-related sexual assaults on the rise, what are your rights if you find your ‘party and play’ session going wrong?

gay star news global chemsex survey
This play explores five gay men’s chillout sex stories

As the Gay Star News two-week focus on chemsex draws to a close, we sat down with the playwright of 5 Guys Chillin’

crystal meth image
Crystal Meth: Three gay men talk candidly about their use and recovery

Two former crystal meth addicts and a current user in California talk to GSN about the impact of the drug on their lives

GMHC open substance abuse clinic
Gay Men’s Health Crisis opens substance abuse clinic after overdose deaths in NYC jump by 50%

There has been a significant rise in the use of Fentanyl and other opioid drugs in the US in recent years

People in London share their sex and drugs stories at this monthly, open mic event
Who knew sharing sex stories with others could be so liberating?

So brave: ‘I do it because I want my stories to help someone else out too’

David Robson from Wandsworth LGBT forum talks about his chemsex series
‘Shame can f*ck off, its what got us into chemsex in the first place’

David Robson from Wandsworth LGBT forum has found a sense of belonging away from high and horny parties

chemsex vice pecca pics uber txi app use
Uber losing London licence will ‘rock city’s chemsex scene’

Gay men’s health campaigner says taxi app is integral to London chemsex scene

Henry Hendron and (inset) Miguel Jimenez
This is what it’s like to wake up and find your boyfriend dead from a drugs overdose

Lawyer Hendry Hendron and his boyfriend took G together one evening, but only one of them woke up the next morning